kung fu moves · 05/29/2023

Jeet Kune Do leg kick straight

Straight kick is a kind of hip-jerk kicking method, straight forward kick, with fast start, strong strength and other characteristics, mostly used for direct attack, volley, defensive counterattack. The main kick sites are the shin, crotch, abdomen, and chest.

[Method of action]

Stand on the right swing pile. Move the left foot forward to the front foot position, bend the right leg and lift it, relax the ankle, lean back, straighten the knee and send the hip, kick directly in the direction of the target, and force the ball of the foot. Keep your hands protected and look ahead. (Figure 2-44(1)(2)(3))

Jeet Kune Do leg kick straight-illustration-


Raise your knees quickly, and after pedaling straight forward, relax your calves and recycle the fall.

[Practical Demonstration]

Confrontation between enemies and us. When the opponent tried to step forward and attack, I directly kicked the opponent in the abdomen. (Figure 2-45(1)(2)(3))

Jeet Kune Do leg kick straight-illustration-1