kung fu moves · 05/30/2023

Jeet Kune Do knee attack

In addition to the main punch and foot attack weapons, other parts of the body of Jeet Kune Do practitioners can also be used to attack after reasonable and correct training. Including elbows, knees, head, shoulders, teeth, and more. In this chapter, we will focus on elbow, knee, and head attack techniques.

In close combat, knee method uses the reaction force of kicking the ground and the momentum of the body twisting and lifting the knee to hit the opponent, which is extremely lethal. Once it hits the opponent’s vital point, it can make the opponent unable to fight again. However, the knee method is rarely used directly, and it is mostly combined with other techniques to do counterattacks and supplement strikes. Can be used on both left and right legs. The main areas of attack are the crotch, waist and abdomen

[Method of action]

Stand on the right swing pile. Move the left foot forward to the right foot, press the right foot directly up the knee, relax the ankle, quickly tuck the abdomen, and push up with the knee joint patellar as the force point. (Figure 2-60(1)(2))

Jeet Kune Do knee attack-illustration-


When the leg is raised, the calf is 90 degrees perpendicular to the ground.

[Practical Demonstration]

Confrontation between enemies and us. I control the opponent’s right hand with my left hand, jerk down the opponent’s body with my right hand, and at the same time, get up and hit the opponent’s chest with my right knee. (Figure 2-61)

2. Front top knee

[Action Method 1.]

Stand on the right swing pile. Move your center of gravity forward to your right leg, and press your left foot forward directly against your knee. The knee jaw is straight forward, the ankle is relaxed, the center of gravity is slightly tilted back, and the hip is forward. (Figure 2-62(1)(2))

Jeet Kune Do knee attack-illustration-1


Using the principle of the body’s lever, the upper body leans backwards and the knee is raised forward and directly hit.

[Practical Demonstration]

Confrontation between enemies and us. I controlled the opponent’s left hand with my right hand, and while the left hand jerked down the opponent’s body, I raised my leg and hit the opponent’s abdomen forward. (Figure 2-63)

Jeet Kune Do knee attack-illustration-2

3. Side top knee

[Method of action]

Stand on the right swing pile. The left foot moves slightly to the left diagonally forward a small step, the center of gravity shifts to the left foot at the same time, the right foot pedals the knee to raise the knee, so that the knee joint patula is hit diagonally from the outside to the inside, and the ankle is relaxed. (Figure 2-64(1)(2))


When flexing the hip and raising the knee, the support leg is rotated counterclockwise.

Jeet Kune Do knee attack-illustration-3

[Practical Demonstration]

Confrontation between enemies and us. When the opponent attacked, I quickly stepped sideways, pulled the opponent’s upper body diagonally downwards with both hands, and at the same time, the knee raised side and hit the opponent’s abdomen. (Figure 2-65)

Jeet Kune Do knee attack-illustration-4