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Jeet Kune Do how to lure the enemy to attack

Bruce Lee believed that a Jeet Kune Do practitioner “had better induce the opponent to attack before attacking” and that he had to “be able to expose the opponent to obvious emptiness and attack.” Therefore, when a fighter is clearly at a disadvantage, it is better to let the opponent attack first, and then wait for the opportunity to counterattack and regain the decline, rather than fight hard with the opponent for the sake of a momentary situation.

Bruce Lee fully reflects this in his masterpiece “The Dragon Crosses the River” and Luo Litu. However, in this situation, how to lure the enemy or how to make the opponent strike first is the key to success.

To this end, we must understand the dynamic changes of various technologies and be good at figuring out the various combat psychology of the other side. Once the opponent is tricked into attacking, he can immediately judge and know the opponent’s current attack route and subsequent attack action, so as to use it to counterattack or volley.

Here are a few examples of inducing opponents to attack and fight back:

First, expose your own emptiness

[Practical Demonstration]

Confrontation between enemies and us. My left protective hand was lowered, exposing the inside of my head and inducing the opponent to punch and attack. When the opponent punches and attacks, I immediately turn around and hit him on the cheek with a right shovel, while lifting the protection with my left hand. (Figure 3-42(1)(2)(3))


When exposing one’s own vulnerability to induce the other party to attack, you must consider how to remedy and protect yourself in your heart, and react to the other party’s attack.

Second, force the other party to make a move

[Practical Demonstration]

Confrontation between enemies and us. I punched my opponent in the head with a straight right charge, forcing him to slap and block with his right hand. As soon as the opponent’s right hand left its original position, I immediately twisted my left and punched the opponent’s exposed right cheek. (Figure 3-43(1)(2)(3))

Jeet Kune Do how to lure the enemy to attack-illustration-

Third, retreat leads it to attack forward

[Practical Demonstration]

Confrontation between enemies and us. I stepped back to lead them forward, and when the opponent was moving forward, I immediately hit their knee with a low side kick. (Fig. 3-44(1)(2)(3)(4))


When retreating, you should always maintain protection and control the distance between the two sides to avoid missed attacks or no room for attack.

Jeet Kune Do how to lure the enemy to attack-illustration-1

Jeet Kune Do how to lure the enemy to attack-illustration-2

Although luring enemies often works wonders when facing opponents who are not easy to initiate attacks. However, in cases where it is impossible to judge the true level of the other party, it must be used with caution. The following are the basic conditions for the effective use of decoy attacks:

1) Superhuman insight: When you expose your void, you must carefully observe the opponent’s every movement, be able to capture the best counterattack, and maintain a high degree of concentration at all times (for the training of insight ability, see Chapter 4, Section 8 of this book);

2) Proficiency in defense technology: when the other party attacks itself, he must be able to skillfully apply various corresponding defense techniques to avoid the opponent’s attack to ensure his own safety;

3) Flexible use of attack technology: can maintain its own balance at any time and ensure the smooth and coherent counterattack action.

When my hand blocks my attacking arm, I hit the opponent again with a hand-to-hand hook; Immediately after, step back and straighten the opponent’s left arm with the left hand, and press the opponent’s elbow joint with the right arm to form an anti-joint control. (Figure 3-40(1)(2)(3)(4))


When clapping the hand to change the push, the hanging hammer directly changes the palm and slides into the opponent’s body, pressing the elbow with one hand and the chest with the other, and the elbow exerts force to push it away.

5. Blocking the hand attack and tripping

[Practical Demonstration]

Confrontation between enemies and us. I pushed closer, punching the opponent in the head with my right hand. After the opponent blocked, I continued to hit with a clapping charge. While the opponent was paying attention to the head, I quickly pinned my right leg to the outside of the opponent’s right leg, and used the force of my hand and right foot to press back, disrupted the opponent’s balance, and threw the opponent to the other. (Figure 3-38(1)(2)(3)(4)(5))

Jeet Kune Do how to lure the enemy to attack-illustration-3

4. Blocking hand attack, fighting kick attack

[Practical Demonstration]

Confrontation between enemies and us. I pushed closer, punching the opponent in the abdomen with a right-center charge. After the opponent blocked, I went up and clapped my hands and continued to chase. As soon as the opponent blocked the attack, I immediately pushed the opponent away. At the same time, the leg hook kicks his chest and abdomen. (Figure 3-37(1)(2)(3)(4)(5))