kung fu moves · 05/30/2023

Jeet Kune Do how endurance training

Endurance is the body’s ability to keep moving for a long time and overcome fatigue during exercise. The greater the resistance to fatigue, the longer the work that maintains a specific intensity load or the quality of movement, the better the endurance. According to the relationship between endurance and sports, it can be divided into general endurance and special endurance; According to the body’s oxygen metabolism, it can be divided into aerobic endurance and anaerobic endurance.

In Jeet Kune Do, the training method of combining aerobic and anaerobic training is mainly used, while focusing on specific endurance exercises on the basis of general endurance. Only with a good level of endurance can we ensure the normal performance of technical movements in the fierce confrontation, and then control and defeat the opponent.

First, the factors that affect the strength of endurance

1) the ability of oxygen metabolism during prolonged exercise;

2) the ability to support motor organs (muscles, ligaments, joints) to withstand K time work;

3) the degree of relaxation of muscles and the coordination between muscles;

4) the practitioner’s will quality and psychological endurance;

5) Proficiency in movement techniques.

Second, the way to improve endurance

1. Run

Carry out various exercises related to running, such as long-distance running, variable speed running, sprint running, etc., which can be found in the book “Modern Physical Training Methods”.

2 jump ropes

5 sets each time, each group for more than 3 minutes, the beating frequency per minute is more than 120 times. After gradual adaptation, the intensity can be increased, the time of each set can be extended, and the one-foot jump and double-foot jump can be alternately performed. (Figure 4-15)

Jeet Kune Do how endurance training-illustration-

3. Combo exercises

Combinatorial training refers to a form of circuit training in which multiple sets of training are carried out in groups of multiple training methods. For example, 10 push-ups, 10 squat jumps, 15 leg lifts on the back, 15 push-up rises, 100 skipping ropes, and then a sprint of 50 meters. This is a group of 3 sets, each with an interval of 3 minutes.

4. Air strike practice

Air strike practice, also known as shadow boxing, refers to a practice method of simulating confrontation with fake strong enemies. When practicing, pay attention to the rhythm of movements, the power of punches, and the coordination of offensive and defensive techniques and footwork. A total of 5-8 sets, with an interval of 1 min.

5. Hit the sandbag

Treat sandbags as opponents and go all out to kick and fight. Each set is 2 min for a total of 3 sets.

6. Combination targeting

Combination target shooting refers to the practice of a sparring partner holding a handle and cooperating according to the frequency of the practitioner’s hits. Each set is 3 minutes, for a total of 3 sets.

7. Conditional practical exercises

It is mainly in the form of wheel battles to sharpen the endurance of practitioners. 3 minutes per inning, 1 minute break, 3-5 consecutive rounds. Each round is played against the practitioner with the strength of the player.

When performing the above endurance exercises, it is necessary to pay attention to the control of breathing during exercise. Simply put, it is required to use the nose to breathe during exercise, and when performing striking exercises, it is necessary to make the breathing rhythm as consistent as possible with the rhythm of the movement, once the breathing rhythm is disordered, it will lead to the destruction of the rhythm of the movement, affecting the overall technical play: when the action is hit, Donan exhales between the teeth, making a short sound of “hey-hiss-“.

Finally, it is worth reminding that the improvement of endurance must be achieved through difficult and sustained training, reaching an intensity beyond the usual tolerance, until the state of physical exhaustion. Although the improvement in endurance is slow, it may take more than 6 weeks to see results. However, if you neglect to exercise consistently, endurance will disappear much faster than it can grow.