kung fu moves · 05/30/2023

Jeet Kune Do hand blocking attack – clap hands

In close combat, we often find that our attacks are blocked by the opponent’s arm and do not hit the target accurately. When the handle is withdrawn for the second attack, the opponent also makes a second block. This round trip often makes the attack ineffective, and it is easy for the opponent to seize the opportunity to counterattack between such movements.

So, is there an attack method that can avoid this? Yes! The hand-blocking attack in the Five Attack Techniques applies to this. It mainly refers to a way to block the opponent’s hands or feet during the attack, and then continue to attack while dismantling the opponent’s offensive and defense.

In the Hand Immobilization Attack, in addition to the five basic control techniques such as conventional clapping, hand-shaking, walking, suffocating, and lapping hands, as well as foot sealing methods, it also includes unconventional control techniques such as hair grabbing, shoulder climbing, hoop neck, and twisting clothes. Allow yourself to be found and attack when you have time.

Here are some basic techniques that appear in a hand-blocking attack:

1. Clap your hands

Clap is one of the most frequently used techniques in hand blocking attacks. This is done by striking diagonally downward with the palm of the hand to suppress the opponent’s blocking arm. Different from the flap defense mentioned earlier, the clapping hand still clapps the palm and fingers of the clapping hand against the opponent’s arm after it slaps the opponent’s arm, and always maintains the pressing force to control the opponent and prevent him from throwing off his hand to fight back.

1. Clap one hand and one hand

Refers to using one of your arms to control the opponent’s attack or defensive arm.

[Practical demonstration 1.]

Friend and foe are hand in hand. I quickly pushed closer, slapping my right hand with my left hand and punching the opponent in the face with my right hand. (Figure 3-23(1)(2))

Jeet Kune Do hand blocking attack – clap hands-illustration-


The direction of the hand force is directly towards the midline of the opponent’s body, not downward.

2. One beat two

A form of clapping the arm across the opponent’s arms, squeezing and controlling the opponent’s hands with one arm, mostly used as a subsequent sealing hand with one hand clapping and the other.

[Practical demonstration 1.]

After I progressed to slap straight and was defended by my opponent’s left hand, I continued to slap my opponent’s defensive arm with my left hand while hitting the opponent again in the head with a right punch. (Fig. 3-24(1)(2))

Jeet Kune Do hand blocking attack – clap hands-illustration-1


When the left hand continues to slap the opponent’s defensive arm, squeeze the opponent’s right hand with the left forearm to prevent the opponent from counterattacking.