kung fu moves · 06/08/2023

Jeet Kune Do finger poke training

Poke fingers are also known as standard fingers. In southern boxing such as Jeet Kune Do and Wing Chun, finger poke is one of the effective attacks with long range, fast speed and good concealment.

According to the principle of mechanics, the strength of the attack is related to the receiving area, and when the index is attacked, if the whole body can be used to concentrate on the finger tip, and instantly attack the opponent, it can produce great destructive power.

Poke the main attack on the opponent’s eyes, throat and other vital parts.

First, the finger pointing technique

1. Action description

Start the action from the warning pile (Figure 1), poke the thumb of the hand to clasp inside, the remaining four fingers are straight, the index finger is attached to the middle finger and ring finger, and the little finger is leaned over the ring finger (Figure 2), directly along the midline forward to quickly restore the guard pile posture (Figure 3).

2. Action essentials

Jeet Kune Do fingers should be accurate and fast. Finger poking is like slapping a fly, just select the target and strike quickly. Before the action, maintain sufficient physical energy, moderate muscle relaxation, mental concentration, conducive to the speed of action to accelerate, poke the action should be sudden and short.

Jeet Kune Do finger poke training-illustration-

Second, poke finger training

1. Action practice

Start the action from the vigilance pile posture and do the forehand finger poke exercise, 10-15 times in a row (Figure 4, Figure 5).

During the exercise, the left and right postures should be alternate, and attention should be paid to the essentials of the action and the correction of wrong movements during the exercise. Exercises can be done slowly and then progressively faster.

Jeet Kune Do finger poke training-illustration-1
2. Paper target practice

Make the paper target at the same height as the forehand finger and face. The exercises should be performed alternately in the left and right postures, and the exercises should be performed in groups of 10-15 times (Figure 6).

3. Head target practice

Buy one of these speed balls instead of a head-shaped target and you’re ready to practice.

When practicing, pay attention to accurate and rapid finger poking, and practice 10-15 times in a group (Figure 7).

Jeet Kune Do finger poke training-illustration-2
3. Wooden pile practice

Buy one of the following wooden piles and practice at home.

Although the wooden stake practice of finger poke is easy to damage the finger, mixing tactics with other techniques to poke the finger for wooden pile practice can enhance the practitioner’s confrontation technique. Practice 2-3 min in groups (Figure 8).

Jeet Kune Do finger poke training-illustration-3