kung fu moves · 05/29/2023

Jeet Kune Do boxing technique Hang Pound

Hanging hammer is a striking technique that moves from the inner side to the outer side and from top to bottom, similar in movement to whiplash. Use the previous hand to hit more often, which can be used as a volley or in conjunction with clapping and dribbling for block attacks (for more information on clapping and dribbling, please refer to Chapter 3, Section 4 of this book). The main areas of attack are the temples, cheeks, and nose.

[Action Method]

Stand on the right stake. Move the center of gravity slightly forward, push the left foot onto the ground and rotate it inward. Rotate the upper body counterclockwise, send the right shoulder and right elbow forward, with the elbow as the axis and the peak of the back of the fist as the force point. Make the forearm strike from left to right to the midline, with the drop of the fist at the same height as the eye. Left hand center protection. (Figures 2-36 (1) (2))

Jeet Kune Do boxing technique Hang Pound-illustration-


When using the hanging hammer to hit, one can carefully experience the expansion of the chest cavity to assist in the hanging hammer. When using the fist, one can experience the opening and closing feeling of putting the fist first and the elbow leading the force.


[Practical demonstration]

There is a confrontation between the enemy and ourselves. The opponent punched me, and I punched with my left hand, while also using my right hand to hang and hit the opponent’s head. (Figures 2-37 (1) (2))

Jeet Kune Do boxing technique Hang Pound-illustration-1