kung fu moves · 05/29/2023

Jeet Kune Do boxing method hook palm

Hook palm is a technique that uses the palm of the hand to hook in the medium to long range, and most of the attacks are launched with the forehand. It combines the instantaneous explosive power generated when the hooked body rotates and the loose bounce of the wrist, so it is extremely powerful. The main site of attack is the cheeks.

[Method of action]

Stand on the right swing pile. The right hand is relaxed into a palm oblique 45. Stretching out, at the same time, the center of gravity quickly shifts back, the left foot lands on the ground, the right heel is raised and rotated externally, and the body is turned counterclockwise, driving the right palm to whip in an arc from the front outside and inward to the midline. With the palm firmly on the ground, the elbow falls, and the left fist remains in the defensive posture. (Figure 2-40(1)(2)(3))

Jeet Kune Do boxing method hook palm-illustration-


In addition to the coordination of the rear center of gravity, turning, and punching, it is also necessary to cooperate with the whiplash shake when the wrist is relaxed.

[Practical Demonstration]

Confrontation between enemies and us. Taking advantage of the distraction, I quickly approached and hit the opponent in the face with my right hook. (Figure 2-41(1)(2))

Jeet Kune Do boxing method hook palm-illustration-1