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Jeet Kune Do Blocking Attack – Circle Hand

Circle hand refers to an auxiliary sealing technique that uses a sleek, small hand rotation movement to turn from the outside to the inside to attack, and is mostly used in conjunction with walking hands. When using, the wrist is required to always be close to the opponent’s arm to prevent counterattacks due to leakage.

[Practical Demonstration]

I clapped my hand to seal my opponent’s right hand, and after the hook palm hit the opponent’s head was blocked, I circled my right hand to avoid the opponent’s blocking arm, and hit the opponent’s jaw with a punch. (Figure 3-33(1)(2)(3))

Jeet Kune Do Blocking Attack – Circle Hand-illustration-


When lapping hands, the movements should be small and sleek, close to the opponent’s wrist. In Jeet Kune Do, hand blocking attacks can be used in conjunction with a variety of techniques. It can be used in combination between individual techniques in a blocking attack, such as a combination of clapping and slashing, or a combination of blocking attacks and other attack methods, such as progressive indirect attacks and blocking attacks. When the other party is already within the sealing range, we can directly go to seal the opponent’s arm to attack. But when we are in medium and close range, we should consider what kind of technical means to use to cooperate with the blocking attack.

It is worth noting that no matter what attack method is used, its purpose should be to knock out or defeat the opponent, and the blocking attack is only an attack method and means that appears in the process of achieving this goal. It is mainly used against opponents who like to block defenses or when attacks are blocked. Do not deliberately chase hands blindly for the purpose of using hand seals. Here are some examples of applications for handblock attacks:

[Practical Demonstration]

Confrontation between enemies and us. I pushed closer and hit the opponent in the head with a hang-punch, and after being blocked, I slapped the opponent’s block arm with my right hand, and at the same time, hit the opponent in the face again with the hang-pound. (Fig. 3-34(1)(2)(3)(4))


In practical applications, the whole set of actions is completed instantly, and the sealing tape is hit during the process of pushing and approaching.

Jeet Kune Do Blocking Attack – Circle Hand-illustration-1

Jeet Kune Do Blocking Attack – Circle Hand-illustration-2

2. Kick range bucket seal hand attack

When you are proficient in the blocking technique within the boxing range, you can extend to the kicking range to practice how to ask the blocking hand to overkill. In this range, you can achieve close proximity to the other party by using the low leg method to achieve the purpose of close blocking.

[Practical Demonstration]

Confrontation between enemies and us. I distract the opponent with the finger of my right hand, and at the same time, I directly kick the opponent’s crotch with the hook of my leg; After kicking and knocking down, hit the opponent’s head with a hanging punch, and when blocked by the opponent, slap away the opponent’s defensive arm and continue to hit the opponent’s head with a hanging punch. (Figure 3-35(1)(2)(3)(4)(5))

Jeet Kune Do Blocking Attack – Circle Hand-illustration-3


Carefully appreciate the transformation of the center of gravity when the hook kicks fall and the hook hits.

In combat infighting, it is important not only to be able to switch from any range to a blocking attack, but also to think about how to switch from a blocking attack to another type of blow. Here are some examples for reference:

3. Hand-blocking attack fighting boxing attack

[Practical Demonstration]

Confrontation between enemies and us. I pushed closer, punching the opponent in the abdomen with a right-center punch to force him to block. Immediately after, continue to progress clapping hands and pounding in pursuit. After the opponent’s left hand blocked the attack, I withdrew my right hand and hit the opponent again in the cheek with a straight left punch, and hit him in the chest with a right shovel. (Figure 3-36(1)(2)(3)(4)(5))


When hanging and recycling, take the opponent’s defensive hand away with the wrist area, so that the head is exposed.

Jeet Kune Do Blocking Attack – Circle Hand-illustration-4


Jeet Kune Do Blocking Attack – Circle Hand-illustration-5

Jeet Kune Do Blocking Attack – Circle Hand-illustration-6

Jeet Kune Do Blocking Attack – Circle Hand-illustration-7


Straighten the arm, withdraw the step and press the elbow in synchronization, and apply pressure to the outside of the opponent’s elbow joint with the force of the downward slash of the forearm.

Through the previous content, we can see that the Jeet Kune Do’s hand blocking attack is a close-to-hand sealing technique, and after close range, in addition to sealing the opponent’s hands, there is also an automated foot sealing action to cooperate with it. Foot sealing mainly refers to automatically sealing the opponent’s front foot with one’s own front foot while sealing the hand, preventing him from counterattacking or retreating to escape. Footblock attacks.

It mainly includes two forms: one is to step directly on the surface of the opponent’s foot, and the other is to jam the knee joint, calf and inside of the foot of the front leg to jam the opponent’s front leg, and squeeze it tightly to achieve the sealing function. (Figure 3-41(1)(2))

Jeet Kune Do Blocking Attack – Circle Hand-illustration-8