kung fu moves · 05/30/2023

Jeet Kune Do 3 accuracy training

Accuracy in the broad sense means that the outcome of the action is exactly as expected. In combat training, accuracy is defined as the degree of hit when a certain action hits a target, that is, the error between the actual landing point of the attack weapon and the expected landing point.

The three accuracy training of Jeet Kune Do is usually manifested in hitting two kinds of targets: first, it is a stationary target, if the movement is correct and the distance is appropriate, it can hit accurately; Second, for targets in motion, this is an upgrade on hitting the first type of target. Due to the constant movement of the opponent, it will often lead to the failure of the attack. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to coordination and coordination, reaction speed, action speed, timing and distance adjustment.

First, the factors affecting the level of accuracy

1) proficiency in technical movements;

2) coordination of all parts of the body;

3) The speed of action, reaction speed and movement speed;

4) visual judgment ability;

5) The ability of the nervous system to innervate muscles.

Second, the method of improving accuracy

1. Target positioning exercise

Draw small targets on hand targets or sandbags for kicking. (Figure 4-36(1)(2))

Jeet Kune Do 3 accuracy training-illustration-

2. Move the target practice

During the movement, hit the hand target of different directions and angles displayed by the training partner with specific techniques:

3. Change target to strike practice

Use different techniques to hit targets at different positions and heights displayed by your training partner. (Figure 4-37(1)(2)(3)(4))

Jeet Kune Do 3 accuracy training-illustration-1

4. Combination target practice

Improve the combined hit ability of the technique in a specific situation by hitting a combination target.

5. Hand and eye coordination exercises or games

Use a variety of sports games to improve accuracy, such as handball, darts, etc.

Exercises to improve accuracy are mostly done in pairs. Therefore, in addition to improving their technical proficiency, they should also improve the correct posture of the training partner holding the target. The correctness of the target position also directly affects whether the practitioner’s attack action can be accurately hit, such as failing to hit the center of the hand target or foot target, the target will swing or turn. Hit the hand or foot target correctly and accurately, and the target will be horizontally displaced backward. (Figure 4-38(1)(2))

Jeet Kune Do 3 accuracy training-illustration-2