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Is there a so-called trick in wrestling

Is there a so-called trick in wrestling-illustration-

Is there a so-called trick in wrestling-illustration-1
Wrestling is a sport in which two people are in direct contact and highly confrontational. As an excellent wrestler, not only must have a good will quality, good physical fitness, but also need to master comprehensive wrestling technical skills, but also on this basis, according to their own physical characteristics (body shape, physical quality, etc.), familiar with the use of one or two technical skills, and in the competition can effectively find “fighters” or manufacture “fighters”, give full play to these two technical skills. This and two technical skills are the so-called “tricks”.

As we all know, leg-hugging wrestling technique is the technical characteristic of wrestlers in Shanxi Province, while cuddling wrestling technique is the technical characteristic of wrestlers in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. These different technical characteristics are precisely the wrestlers in these two regions, gradually formed and developed according to the traditional wrestling methods and habits of the region.

As far as a certain athlete is concerned, the characteristics of an individual’s wrestling technique are honed by relying on their own subjective conditions, and then forming a “unique move”.

Is there a so-called trick in wrestling-illustration-2
For example, Jia Fucai, an old Chinese wrestling athlete, has a relatively comprehensive wrestling technique, but his “other son” is known as a must, because he has “five short bodies”, good skills, large arm strength, and flexible footwork, so in the past, he used to turn and pin his legs in the competition, making his opponent defenseless.

Wrestling predecessor Yang Ziming, wrestling action technique “Insert Flash”, when playing against opponents, is easy to throw, that is, his technique relies on work, good at grasping and liberating, good arm strength, up and down coordination, making “Insert Flash” become his famous “trick” in the wrestling world.

Wang Sixin, who is popular in the wrestling ring, does not have a fixed move in the match, but when he meets his opponent, he will be “absolute”. This is because he is short and flexible, technically comprehensive, solid in basic skills and quick and decisive.

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It can be seen that an excellent wrestler to master one or two “tricks” cannot be chosen by imagination, it can only be formed according to its own specific conditions, combined with his own physical fitness (of course, physical fitness is variable), and gradually groped in practice. We must not start from interest alone and blindly imitate Zhang San’s “hook” and Li Si’s “other son”, which is bound to delay time, and speed will not be achieved. (Xiang Xuan)