kung fu moves · 06/08/2023

Iron Leg Skill – Victory in Fighting

Iron leg exercise uses auxiliary equipment to strengthen the attack strength of the legs and the training of strike resistance, and long-term exercise can make the legs and feet tough and resistant.

I have sorted out a set of training methods of iron leg gong and shared them with everyone.

1. Leggings

Action requirements: wrap a circle of canvas around the calf part of the legs, fill the inner part with iron sand and river sand (you can change it to a thin iron bar after becoming proficient), and quickly kick the stake. It can be combined with various leg techniques for striking exercises (Fig. 1, Fig. 2).

Luck: Qi Shen Dantian. Luck in the dantian, down to the “perineum”, from the perineum along the legs to the three yin meridians and the three yang meridians of the feet, reaching the middle of the feet and calves, converting the exercises, lifting the strength of the sinking.

Iron Leg Skill – Victory in Fighting-illustration-

Second, kick the iron sand bag

A canvas pocket containing 10-30 kg of iron sand and river sand, suspended in the air, high at chest and abdomen.

Stand upright, clasp your hands in fists at your waist, and then kick the iron sandbag with your right leg forward (Figure 3).

The right leg is retracted upright, the left foot is hooked up, and the iron abrasive belt is hooked forward and upward (Figure 4). This cycle can also be practiced in conjunction with other leg techniques. 10-30 times per set.

Iron Leg Skill – Victory in Fighting-illustration-1