kung fu power · 01/28/2023

Inch fist Exercises – Hand coordination

Role, performing this training can develop the speed of your punches, improve your speed control and judgment of the timing of the strike.


((1) This exercise must be practiced on a sandbag.

(2) When you hit a target with your fist, you can hit it just on the surface, without gravity.

(3) Note: When training, you can only use the vertical Japanese character punch to hit the target, but at this time, you must not blindly use the inch fist (floating fist) to strike to avoid bruising your wrist. Correct practice when striking sandbags with vertical Japanese character punches. Your hand should be naturally bounced back about 15cm away.

3-inch boxers with coordinated training

Set a 3-inch fist ready position in front of the left foot collar about 45cm from the sandbag target.

(1) Practice of standing firm

Stand in the 3-inch fist preparation position, keep your right hand relaxed according to the 3-inch fist preparation hand shape (Figure 66-1), slowly raise towards the target to strike (Figure 66-2), at the same time your knees begin to walk down, the moment the body feels down, your right hand quickly clenches into a vertical Japanese character boxing on the target. When the fist hits the surface of the sandbag. It should immediately and naturally bounce back about 15cm away, and the whole sensation is as if you were immediately returning to a relaxed state from a sudden push or sudden tension in your body.

The entire action should be done instantly. (Figure 66-3 Note: The picture here shows the left-hand attack before the right foot collar, pay attention to switch it when practicing)

Inch fist Exercises – Hand coordination-illustration-

Practice this 20 times X5 set.

Reference selection in the exercise

There are two ways to choose between the 3-inch Fighter exercises mentioned above:

(1) After standing in a preparatory position, raise your right hand with your elbow bent on the left side. The palm is inward, and when the right fist strikes, it is instantaneous. The left palm also pats down the body at the same time to coordinate the movement.

(2) When your right hand is slowly aimed at the target, your left arm is also raised flat on the side of the body and the elbow is slowly pulled back. When the maximum pullback limit of the left elbow is almost reached. The right hand is immediately clenched into a fist to strike at the target, while the left elbow is quickly pulled back to the maximum. When asking for a movement, the hands are coordinated to make you feel balanced and fluid.

(2) Exercises to raise the heels

Stand in a 3-inch boxing ready position for practice. The movement method, the essentials and the knee coordination exercise with the heel raised and the hand coordination exercise when standing firmly on the foot and eye are consistent, the only difference is that the right shoulder should be moved slightly forward in the movement and the exercise requires the coordination of all parts of your body. (Figure 67-1, 2.Pay attention to the change of movement posture)

Inch fist Exercises – Hand coordination-illustration-1

Repeat the X5 set 20 times

1-inch boxer with coordinated training

Set a preparatory position 1 inch in front of the left foot collar 30cm away from the sandbag.

(1) Practice of standing firm

When the distance between your right hand and the sandbag is less than 7 .6cm, you should use the right knee to suddenly go soft, make the body go down, and let the shoulders lean forward a little, at the same time, the right hand quickly clenched into a vertical Japanese fist quickly hit the target and bounce back naturally.

Requirements: When doing this exercise. Hand sorties must be done quickly in an instant because you don’t have much room for action. Also when doing that exercise. It should also feel the same as when doing a 3-inch boxer with coordinated exercises. (Fig. 68-1, 2 Note: Switching postures with the figure during formal exercises)

Inch fist Exercises – Hand coordination-illustration-2

Repeat the X5 set 20 times.

(2) Exercises to raise the heels

This exercise method, essentials, and coordination exercises with the 1-inch fist raised foot and eye and the hand coordination exercises when standing firm are the same. The difference is that the action is done in a fairly close area and therefore requires the sortie to be fast. Pay attention to repeated practice.

Practice shows that if the arch fist action of the heel is raised, its penetrating lethality on the target is extremely high, just like a fierce blow. Its powerful effect lasts for more than 1 second (Fig. 69-1,2)

Inch fist Exercises – Hand coordination-illustration-3

Repeat the X5 set 20 times.