kung fu power · 01/28/2023

Inch Fist – Sand Pots Practice

Sandpot Punching will fully develop your 1-3″ punch skills and explosive elasticity.


(1) Find a smooth countertop that is 2 meters long (such as a tabletop or any other smooth platform), place the sand pot you have prepared on one end of the countertop, and ask your attacker to position his elbows at level with the countertop. (2) The sand pot can be practiced with a 1-inch punch or a 3-inch punch. Since 3-inch boxing exercises are easier, sandpot exercises should start with 3-inch punching exercises.

3 inch punch sand pot exercises

Practice methods

Stand in a 3-inch fist ready position with your hands naturally drooping and your elbows resting on your sides, then bend your elbows and raise your forearms and hands until you reach a horizontal position. And enable your fingers to gently touch the sand pot attack contact point, at which point your hand must be open and relaxed, with the palm facing inward (Figure 80)

Inch Fist – Sand Pots Practice-illustration-

Start by looking for feelings slowly, without lifting your hands and without nervousness. Just move your hand in the direction of the sand pot and slowly clench it into a fist, but don’t use any force (i.e. loosen it into a fist) when the upper knuckles of your hand can also touch the sand. Suddenly clench your fist, turn your wrist upwards, and use the lower knuckles of your fist to strike the sand pot as quickly as possible, while the whole body is tightly coordinated, so that the sand can can be knocked out (as shown in Figure 81 above). Practice for 5 minutes at a time.

Inch Fist – Sand Pots Practice-illustration-1

3-inch punch sand pot exercise instructions

(1) When the hand strikes. Your upper knuckles should not touch the sand pot hard, but only lightly push your lower knuckles up and out quickly. This creates an arc effect – this wrist movement technique can produce a huge penetration effect inside the target, and is a key part of the inch-punch technique – the heart punch (see the illustration of the Swimming Spring Punch Wrist Technique in the previous volume), which you must carefully experience and master to use.

(2) Since the inch punch is an internal lethal attack technique, your attack power should not only stay on the surface of the target, but should penetrate at least 5cm deep into the target (as shown in the front 3 inches of punch Shaxiong practicing hand pre-position). This is not only achieved by the instant wrist movement technique, but also when punching, your mind should be focused on the real attack point within the target (that is, the attack point of power penetration), because you should not concentrate your attack energy too early, but should use force at the moment of contact with the target.

You have to imagine you punching through the sand pot. Penetrate the contact point with force and continue to extend. This explosive power will be concentrated on the point of attack you imagine, and will not be wasted on the surface of the sand pot (or the outside of the target). If you push too early or lack the mental concentration to penetrate the target, the internal penetration of your inching fist will be weakened. Therefore, grasp the opportunity to exert force and focus on the imaginary internal attack point in this exercise. All of them must be mastered through repeated practice.

(3) In practice, your hand should not move more than 10cm from the starting position (that is, the position when your fingers touch Shaxiong) to the strike

(4) The attack action must be receivable with one blow and crisp and neat.

(5) If you feel that the sand is too heavy at the beginning and the distance is not far, you must keep practicing, as long as you insist on practicing for a few minutes each time, you will knock out the sand pot about 1 meter to 2 meters with an inch punch in a short period of time. Of course, you have to concentrate, speed up, and coordinate your movements to develop and reach your full potential. Remember: the distance Shaxiong is hit will increase as you practice.

(6) Practice intensively with your right hand. You can also practice both hands.

1 inch punch sand pot exercise

How to practice: Stand in the prepared position of the 1-inch boxing with your hands naturally drooping and your elbows close to your sides. Hold your hand into a fist, but without force (i.e., loosen your fist), slowly reach out and touch the sand pot with the upper knuckles of your hand and the lower knuckles of your hand slightly back. (i.e., in a wrist-crushing posture, as shown in Figure 82).

Inch Fist – Sand Pots Practice-illustration-2

From this starting position, the upper knuckle strikes slightly forward, at this moment (don’t wait until the upper knuckle is harder) quickly turn the wrist up, the lower knuckle quickly forward, concentrate the whole body strength, hit the sand pot attack contact point as fast as possible, so as to straighten the sand shop forward. Hit a distance and repeat for 5 minutes at a time.