kung fu power · 01/27/2023

Inch Fist Exercises – Knee Coordination

The function of the knee coordination exercise is to generate the spring support force of the inch fist (floating fist).

Methods: The knee coordination exercise is divided into two technical methods: (1) the root of the right foot standing firmly and (2) the back root of the right foot lifting, and the practice is first practiced (1) and then practiced (2). The method of standing firmly on the base of the right foot is suitable for most people, with a slight foot fixation method can provide maximum stable support and promote the body to produce more energy, and the right heel raised inch punch method is usually suitable for heavy practitioners, who can fully put the weight through the blow without easily losing balance. Grandmaster Bruce Lee is lighter, but he also adopts the action of lifting the back of the foot in the inch punch with his right foot ahead of the right hand, which mainly depends on the good physical balance of Grandmaster Bruce Lee. Speed and timing control, at the same time, there is a certain difference in technique between the right fist with the right foot leading the right fist and the left foot leading the right fist, the former is a typical three-pointed photo action. In any case, you must do the knee exercises with the high heels carefully and master it, because it is necessary to coordinate the training, and for heavy practitioners, it should be worked on.

3-inch fist knee matching exercises

(1) Heel Stand Firm Exercise – Stand firmly in the preparatory position of the 3-inch punch. A large and stable support surface is formed under the feet. Starting from the preparatory position of the 3-inch fist, follow the essentials of sudden softening of both knees (that is, according to a feeling of sudden softening of both knees and lying down).The tip of the right knee is bent forward, when your right knee is bent forward and down and moved about 6cm, a slight body rotation will occur, and the right knee should slowly fall below the height of the left knee, at which time the angle of the left knee is also slightly outward. And your right shoulder also slowly moves forward and down with the right leg bent knee below the left shoulder height, when the whole body drops about 7.6-15cm, fix the body position, that is, complete the 3-inch fist knee matching exercise, during this process, the hands should remain relaxed and drooping, so that you can feel the movement of the knee and body, and your feet should always keep the heel still and stand firmly during this process (as shown in Figure 62-1, 2). Note: The picture shows the knee matching position with the right foot leading the right fist, please change to the left foot leading 3 inches fist preparation posture when practicing, and the right hand should also hang down naturally to relax.

Inch Fist Exercises – Knee Coordination-illustration-

The above methods were practiced repeatedly, and a total of 20X5 sets were practiced.

(2) The practice of lifting the heel, from the preparatory position of the 3-inch fist, raise the right heel by about 4cm, and at the same time push forward with the right toe, according to the essentials of the sudden weakness of both knees, bend the right knee forward. The body and right shoulder descend homeopathically. As long as the shoulders and knees are moved forward a little, a body rotation action will occur.

(This series of movements should be the result of the elevation of the back eye of the right foot) When the whole body drops about 7.6-15crn, stop the movement, and complete the coordination exercise in a fixed position. (Figure 63-1, 2) Note: During the movement, your hands should be kept relaxed so that you can fully appreciate the knee and body movements. The whole action should be completed in an instant.

Inch Fist Exercises – Knee Coordination-illustration-1

Practice repeatedly according to the above method, a total of 20 times X5 set.

1-inch fist knee matching exercise

(1) Heel standing practice, standing in the preparatory posture of 1-inch fist, according to the aforementioned method of 3-inch standing heel knee coordination exercise, perform 1-inch fist heel standing knee coordination exercise. (Figure 64-1, 2).

Note: When practicing, the knees and shoulders are lowered in the vertical line position and the body is slightly forward.

Inch Fist Exercises – Knee Coordination-illustration-2

Repeat the X5 set 20 times.

(2) The practice of raising the heel, standing in the preparatory posture of the 1-inch fist, the regular essentials and the 3-inch fist raising the foot time-limited knee coordination training are the same (as shown in Figure 65-1, 2. Pay attention to switch to the right foot collar front posture exercise), but pay attention to the body descent slightly vertically and the arc of the forward lean is smaller.

Inch Fist Exercises – Knee Coordination-illustration-3