kung fu power · 01/27/2023

Inch boxing soft gymnastics stretching exercises

Flexibility refers to the range of motion of joints and the ability of muscles and ligaments to stretch in various parts of the body. From the body parts, it includes: (1) upper limb flexibility, (2) lower limb flexibility, (3) waist flexibility and (4) shoulder flexibility, and the development of (2), (8) and (4) partial flexibility in this tutorial is the mainstay.

Good flexibility helps the body to always be relaxed and elastic. This is extremely important for you to fully relax your body, smooth movements and maximize your strength, and also contribute to your physical health.

Without the right flexibility (stretching) qualities, you can’t have the best level of function, so you need to do soft gymnastics (stretching) exercises before and after each class, and if you have poor flexibility, you need intensive exercises. “Fast enough, body softness enough, endurance enough, strength enough. Then engage in any sport, you can have a complete action.

Two major exercise methods, (1) static stretching method one by one through slow movement to pull the muscle soft tissues apart, and when pulled to a certain extent, rest for a certain time (8 to 10 sand).(2) dynamic stretching method – rhythmic rapid repeat of the same action stretching exercise. Of course, rapid stretching movements above your level should be avoided. The two methods can be used interchangeably during specific exercises.

In this tutorial, the soft gymnastics (stretching) exercise duration per lesson is 10 minutes.

Wrist flexion exercises

Function: Improves wrist flexibility and flexibility.

Exercises: grasp the other hand with one hand, rhythmically vibrate 20-30 times in the direction of wrist extension, then 20-30 times in the direction of wrist flexion, do 3 sets in a row, then change the other hand to practice, also do 3 sets, (Figure 30)

Inch boxing soft gymnastics stretching exercises-illustration-


Palm lift movement

Function: Improve the flexibility of the shoulder and wrist, which will help the progress and development of future exercises.

Exercises: Hold the palms of the hands against the back, lift and stretch the arms vertically above the head as much as possible, and repeat the X2 set 10-20 times (Figure 31).

Inch boxing soft gymnastics stretching exercises-illustration-1

Lap hand movement

Function: This exercise can effectively exercise the elasticity and toughness of the wrist joint, which is an indispensable basic skill for inch-fist power training, and needs to be practiced frequently.

Practice method: open the horse (二字拑馬), then punch straight after the middle line of the Japanese character fist with one hand, spread out the fist, palm up (Figure 32–1), non-stop. The four fingers and palms are flexed upwards. Then turn in a counterclockwise arc from left to right (Fig. 32-2, 3), when the palm circle is about to end. After slowly curling the four fingers and clenching the fist (Fig. 32-4-5), change to the other hand to do the same, so repeatedly relax for 30 seconds ~ 60 seconds X2 set. During the movement, the arm should not be moved or slightly bent.

Inch boxing soft gymnastics stretching exercises-illustration-2


Shoulder press exercises

Function: Promotes flexibility and elasticity of shoulder joints.

Exercise method: two hands support the instrument or ribs, the upper body downward repeatedly shake the chest and press the shoulder, pull the shoulder joint ligament apart (Figure 33). Repeat the practice 30 times X2 set.

Inch boxing soft gymnastics stretching exercises-illustration-3

Shoulder gyrus exercise

Function: This exercise has the effect of living shoulders.

Exercise method: open your feet, shrug your shoulders up and down, back and forth, and repeat for 10-20 seconds X 2 sets (Figure 34).

Inch boxing soft gymnastics stretching exercises-illustration-4

Stretch and lean motion

Function: This exercise has the effect of stretching the muscles and adjusting the overall movement of the pivotal trunk.

Practice method: stand with your feet together, clasp your hands upwards (Figure 35-1), forward (Fig. 35–2), down (Fig. 35— 3) Try your best to stretch and hold for 5-8 seconds, then lean forward with your upper body forward, chest close to your thighs, hold your hands tightly and legs for 5^-8 seconds (Fig. 35-4), and so on for three sets. Pay attention to the amplitude of movement when practicing.

Inch boxing soft gymnastics stretching exercises-illustration-5


Chest expansion, forward lean back exercise

Function: Pull shoulders and live the waist.

Practice method: stand on both feet. Extend both arms forward and then expand your chest 10 times to the sides (Figure 36-1), without stopping. Spread your feet apart and hold your head in your hands. Bend forward as much as possible 10 times (Fig. 36-2, 3), keep stopping, and then stand up as far back as possible 10 times (Fig. 36-4),

Inch boxing soft gymnastics stretching exercises-illustration-6

Straight stick twisting movement

Function: This exercise can develop a good habit of maintaining a straight line between the shoulders when exerting force, and can also promote the flexibility of the waist and hips.

Exercise method: Open both feet • grasp the long straight stick with both hands apart and place it on the shoulder, do not move the feet, and try to twist the body to the side and back from side to side. Repeat the practice for 30 sec X3 sets (Figure 37).

Inch boxing soft gymnastics stretching exercises-illustration-7

Knee rotation exercises

Function: Improve knee joint activity.

Exercise method: Stand with your feet together and bend your knees slightly, hold your hands on your knees, and rotate repeatedly in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction for 15-20 seconds (Figure 38).

Side squat stretches

Role: Development of lower limb flexibility activity.

Exercises: Bend one leg and straighten the leg on the side of one leg (heel on the ground). The upper body then extends as far as possible to the side of the leg and tries to vibrate forward for 15-20 seconds (Figure 39-1), and then swap the lower leg for 15-20 seconds. (Figure 39-2)

Inch boxing soft gymnastics stretching exercises-illustration-8