kung fu power · 05/28/2023

Hua Tuo Five Birds Trick Practice

Hua Tuo Five Birds Trick Practice-illustration-

Hua Tuo Five Birds Trick Practice-illustration-1

Health effect: practice tiger play and relieve low back pain

If there are symptoms of low back pain, practicing tiger play can enhance the function of holding back points and supervising pulses, and can relieve symptoms such as neck and shoulder pain, sciatica, and low back pain.

Hua Tuo Five Birds Trick Practice-illustration-2

Health effect: practice deer play and reduce waist circumference

Deer play is mainly designed for the health care of the kidneys, its various movements are around the waist to do exercise, in the process of practice, naturally make our waist fat consumption a lot, and redistribute, beneficial to reduce the waistline, maintain a slim figure.

Hua Tuo Five Birds Trick Practice-illustration-3

Health effect: practice bear play, regulate the spleen and stomach

People who have symptoms such as stagnation, indigestion, and loss of appetite may wish to practice the bear play in the five-bird play.

When practicing bear play, it is necessary to immerse itself in light spirit in calm, and express its plagiarism, and practice bear play has the effects of strengthening the spleen and stomach, aiding digestion, eliminating food stagnation, and activating joints.

Hua Tuo Five Birds Trick Practice-illustration-4

Health Effect: Exercise Ape Play Enhance cardiopulmonary function

The ape lifting action in the ape play follows the breathing method of “lifting and inhaling”, inhaling when lifting up and exhaling when relaxing and falling.

Inhale and shrink the chest when lifting, and the whole body is tight; Relax your exhale as you fall and stretch your chest. This set of movements helps to enhance cardiopulmonary function, relieve shortness of breath, asthma and other symptoms, interested friends may wish to try.

Hua Tuo Five Birds Trick Practice-illustration-5

Health benefits: practice bird play to prevent arthritis

When practicing bird play, the movements are light and stretched, can adjust qi and blood, unblock meridians, dispel wind and cold, move muscles, bones and joints, can prevent the occurrence of summer arthritis, but also enhance the body’s immunity.