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How to wrestle with pairing exercises

Pairing exercises for wrestling sports

Pairing practice refers to one of the different forms of training methods carried out in teams of two according to the requirements of teaching training.

Pairing practice is an important means to learn technology, improve technical and tactical level, conduct simulation training, and enhance special quality. This is essential for both novice and well-trained athletes.

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To carry out pairing exercises, you must pay attention to the following aspects: 1. The purpose is clear. Be highly targeted, whether to improve technology or cultivate tactical awareness; Whether to master technology or enhance special quality. This must be made clear before practicing.

2. The pairing should be reasonable.

Wrestling is a fight in direct contact with the human body, each person’s technical characteristics, physical fitness, weight, height are different, so in each different teaching and training stages to choose different opponents, for training will play an important role, so, planned, purposeful selection of opponents, pay attention to the old with the new, will be directly related to the quality of training.

3. Appropriate intensity and difficulty are the key to the effectiveness of pairing exercises.

Reasonable arrangement will help athletes build confidence and accelerate the improvement of technical level. This requires coaches to arrange scientifically, practitioners, tacit cooperation, exchange skills, and continuous improvement.

4. Emphasize the relationship between quantity and quality.

Quality is based on quantity, and quantity is based on quality, so the quantity that guarantees a certain quality can promote the improvement and enhancement of technology.

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Pairing exercises can be divided into four categories based on content and form.

First, practice at different intensities.

1. Pairing exercises that do not resist.

This is a way to adapt to the needs of beginners and learning new technologies, and is beneficial to master all aspects of technical movements, as well as correct technical concepts and force methods, including techniques, footwork and complete technical movements.

2. Pairing exercises of different intensity.

On the basis of mastering the correct technical movements, this method can be used for further practice. It includes exercises with different degrees of confrontation, its intensity can be divided into 30%, 50%, 75% and even full resistance, and its form can be divided into mobile use methods or in-situ support defense, so as to further improve the level of technology and make it automated.

Second, pairing exercises according to tactical needs.

Due to the complexity and changeability of wrestling techniques, a match is not only a competition of technology and endurance, but also a contest of tactics and wisdom, and the change and combination of induction and technology will be an important means of fighting wisdom. Therefore, tactical training includes the organic connection of offensive and defensive techniques, the change of technical action combination, as well as the cooperation of various different methods to lure the opponent, and the ability to adapt to different technical characteristics, all of which should be solved in teaching and training through the form of training.

1. The practice of the same movement and different techniques.

Due to the different techniques of the same technical action, and the opponent’s body size is also different, it is necessary to apply the induction of manipulation changes to achieve the intended goal.

2. Practice of changing the combination of offensive and defensive techniques.

Wrestling is essentially a sport of restriction and counter-limitation, control and counter-control, using power and borrowing to disrupt the opponent’s balance and thus subdue the opponent. And a single technical action often does not work, which requires a variety of technical actions, appropriate attack, defense, counterattack and organic combination to win.

3. Exercises with different technical characteristics.

Due to the different qualities and habits of individuals, the technical characteristics of the performance are also different. For an elite athlete, it is necessary to adapt to a variety of different technical characteristics in order to create good results. The cultivation of this adaptability often uses simulation training and targeted sparring training to improve tactical literacy.

Third, pairing exercises with different body types.

People of different sizes choose different “tricks” to avoid revealing their weaknesses. Therefore, while taking advantage of the strengths and avoiding the weaknesses, it is also necessary to take advantage of the shortcomings of the other party. Practicing with opponents of different sizes is precisely to discover the shortcomings of opponents of different sizes, so as to improve their skills and resilience.

Fourth, pair practice according to quality requirements.

In order to overcome the weakness of certain aspects of physical fitness exposed in technical training, it is precisely because of a weak link that affects technical improvement, so the focus of this training is to improve the special quality closely related to technology.

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Pair training is widely used in wrestling, it requires athletes to repeat constantly, so it is relatively boring, but it is an important subject for both coaches and athletes, and must be practiced patiently and assiduously. This requires reasonable arrangements, strict planning, and standardized technical training, only in this way can the technology be gradually deepened and the level of exercise improved as soon as possible.