kung fu moves · 06/09/2023

How to use elbows and knees to restrain the enemy

The actual combat power of the knee method and elbow method is very large, not only in its own various top strikes and impact advantages, but also reflected in the certain pinch effect. The so-called knee-elbow pinching refers to the use of bending between the knees or elbows to restrain the opponent in confrontation, which is an effective way to hit the enemy.

The elbow and knee pinching technique introduced in this article is an important part of the elbow and knee technique, and if the practitioner can use it skillfully, it will definitely be able to achieve miraculous results against the enemy.

This is a sequel to the elbow restraint method, a fighting technique that arbitrarily cuts the enemy’s elbow and arm, and instantly incapacitates the enemy in 1 second.

1. Double curved elbow arm attack

We stand with our left foot in front and in a left fighting style; The enemy steps up to the right and attacks our chest with a straight right fist; We immediately slide our feet diagonally to the left and forward, dodge to the outside of the enemy’s right arm, and at the same time quickly exit both arms, using the right forearm to place the inside of the enemy’s right fist wrist, the left forearm on the outside of the enemy’s right elbow joint, and the two forearm elbows tightly clamp the enemy’s right arm (Figure 1-1). Constantly moving upward, we quickly and violently lifted the right knee sideways and hit the enemy’s crotch and abdomen in a combo (Figure 1-2).

How to use elbows and knees to restrain the enemy-illustration-
Second, single-elbow elbow attack

The enemy strikes us in the abdomen with a right hook in the right step; We immediately pressed down with our right forearm, and then clamped the enemy’s right elbow with our left forearm; At this point, the enemy punches me in the face with his left fist, and we block outward with our free right forearm (Figure 2-1). Moving upward, our side quickly pulled out the left elbow that clamped the enemy’s right elbow, and slammed the enemy’s right temple to the right and forward, defeating the enemy (Figure 2-2).

How to use elbows and knees to restrain the enemy-illustration-1
3. Single elbow clamp back arm attack

In a hand-to-hand scuffle with the enemy, our left hand grabs the enemy’s right hand and pulls back, and steps up to the enemy’s right side, while extending our right arm into the enemy’s right armpit (Figure 3-1). Without stopping, our left foot quickly steps forward to the enemy’s right rear, then flexes the right elbow and forcefully clamps the enemy’s right arm to our chest, and pushes the enemy’s right forearm inward with the left hand to lock the enemy’s right arm (Figure 3-2). We then hit the enemy’s left leg with the knee of our right leg to bend backwards, causing the enemy to fall forward (Fig. 3-3).

How to use elbows and knees to restrain the enemy-illustration-2
4. Attack with one knee between legs

The enemy kicks our lower set with a low left kick; After dodging the enemy’s kick, our right knee hooked back and clamped the enemy’s left leg (Figure 4-1). Immediately afterwards, our right leg quickly kneels forward to press the enemy’s left leg, and at the same time, when pressing down on the enemy’s leg, we attack the enemy’s face with our right fist (Figure 4-2).

How to use elbows and knees to restrain the enemy-illustration-3
5. One knee neck attack

In a hand-to-hand scuffle between the enemy and friend, our left hand grabs the enemy’s hair and pulls the strap back and down, forcing the enemy to bend forward and bow his head (Figure 5-1). Moving up, we quickly lift our right leg and place it on the enemy’s neck from top to bottom (Figure 5-2). Immediately afterwards, our right leg forcefully forced the enemy to fall to the ground, forming a situation where our calf was lower and our thigh was clamped at the upper neck, at which time our side further pressed the enemy’s neck with our thigh down, and punched the enemy in the abdomen with a fist to subdue the enemy (Figure 5-3).

How to use elbows and knees to restrain the enemy-illustration-4