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How to raise the anus and buttocks in Tai Chi

How to raise the anus and buttocks in Tai Chi-illustration-

Whether standing on a stake or taking Tai Chi steps, or even practicing boxing, it is emphasized to lift the anus. Anus lifting can play a health care role. Because there are three meridians near the anus: Du, Ren and Chong.


These three meridians, which are very important to the human body, originate from the perineum and are in charge of Qi, blood and sex respectively. The Qi of Governor Vessel supervisor, the blood of Governor Vessel supervisor, and the nature of Governor Vessel supervisor. Qi, blood and sex are the most important things for people to live in this world.


These three meridians determine a person’s life, old age and death, so they are very important to us. When we have nothing to do, we should often do the action of lifting the anus. In fact, when we practice martial arts, we practice standing piles first, which is also practicing the technique of lifting the anus. The key for Tai Chi to play a real role in health care is to make Tai Chi achieve the effect of Refining Essence and transforming Qi, refining Qi and transforming spirit, and refining spirit and returning emptiness.


How do you practice it?


In the past, most of the elders did not publicize it. They regarded this pass as one of the secrets of Tai Chi. Before the window paper of this book was broken, everyone thought it was magical. In fact, it was a very simple thing, that is, the essence consolidation and reduction method of Tai Chi.


The specific practice method is:

On the basis of adjusting the body, mind and breath, the practitioners should also “close the Yin and lift the anus”. Starting from the first suction of the Qi style, the “Yin collection and anus lifting” will be carried out synchronously, and it will not be relaxed until the work is completed.


Although it is very simple to talk about the solid essence reduction method, it must not be underestimated. Here, we should pay special attention to and emphasize:


First, it is necessary to withdraw slightly and never exert too much force;


Second, the idea should not be too heavy;


The third is to coordinate with the breath regulation. It should be simmered gently. The key is not to be too hasty or too heavy. The key is to loosen the mouth, breathe deeply, thin, even and long, and move softly, slowly, gently and continuously. When practicing boxing, you should always check whether the body fluid in your mouth is increased and fragrant. If you feel that your mouth is dry and tastes bitter, you have gone too far.


Think about it. Can you lift your anus if you tilt your butt? Can you lift your anus if you step forward. I saw some old Tai Chi boxers who opposed pulling out their backs with their chests. As a result, I trained myself to fill my chest with turbid Qi. When I walked, I kept my chest muscles strong. At first glance, those who practice bodybuilding are practicing foreign boxing, while Tai Chi is introverted and contains everything. It is impossible to have a big chest and be manly.


In fact, if you don’t understand it, it’s not terrible. What’s terrible is not to verify it. I don’t understand that some of them still worship the famous teacher. Can the famous teacher teach their disciples well.


Only then let them come out to teach, must pay the responsibility. Don’t just make money all day. Introduce the methods to solve the problem, because I saw that someone spent thousands of yuan to learn from a famous teacher, but he still had a problem. Hips should not be cocked.

How to raise the anus and buttocks in Tai Chi-illustration-1

The solution is: 

Baihui’s lower collar, tail drooping, lifting and falling, while straightening the spine, fill it with Dantian Qi to relax the waist backward, move the hips back, and close the Dantian. The body can’t lean forward, and the thigh root is empty, which increases the range of motion of the spine.


At the same time of hanging the tail, you must lift the anus to prevent the air machine from falling and varicose veins or hernia of the lower limbs. Practice squatting more to loosen your crotch.


Finally, the station pile can be combined. The station pile is not only for gas production and gas accumulation, but also for adjusting the shape and changing the natural bending of the shape to make it conform to the structural mode of healthy people.


The spine should be straight when standing on a stake, and the waist should be convex when practicing. The thigh root is empty, the tail is sagging and cannot be tilted back. The Dantian should be recovered, but not the belly. The waist is convex, the hundred will be lifted up, the chin is recovered, and the body is relaxed.


If you really want to master Kung Fu, you should not only focus on advanced skills, but also practice basic skills. Generally, teachers who can teach boxing will require students to practice standing piles first, and then formally teach boxing after half a year. It will take at least 2 months, and then you will have to teach boxing and practice standing piles.


In addition to the endless pile, the pile shall be lifted and lowered by standing. Finally, we have to practice the single style, mainly the cloud hand with silk wrapping strength, which takes at least half an hour every day.


In order to relax from winding, you must pay attention to the spiral force of winding the silk along and against, and relax from winding. Because the softness of Tai Chi is formed in the spiral, you must relax from the active rotation, and always pay attention to the winding of the silk along and against the limbs. It is difficult to relax from straight movements.


The looseness of the hanging wall and the middle wall must be based on the stability of the footwall, especially when exercising low potential boxing, the footwall is more difficult.

How to raise the anus and buttocks in Tai Chi-illustration-2

Practice has proved that the fist walking low frame is most conducive to enhancing the stability of the footwall. Only when the footwall is solid, can it be more conducive to the relaxation of all parts above the waist and the flexibility of the empty leg.


From this point, we can understand the dialectical relationship between looseness and tightness. For this reason, we should pay attention to low frame exercise and footwall exercise at ordinary times, especially the support of independent steps. If we want to relax, we must have strong footwall support, so as to create conditions for the whole body to relax.


First, pay attention to the shape of the fist frame, and use the shape to bring Qi, and use the Qi to bring meaning; After a long period of practice, we have gradually moved to the advanced realm of leading Qi with meaning and transporting the body with Qi. Pay attention to the accuracy of the routine moves and the continuity of the movements. When practicing boxing, you should first enlarge the fist frame. Don’t think that the small frame is too small. You don’t dare to stretch your legs and arms. Therefore, you shrink your shoulders and crotch to vent your stiffness.


Therefore, the fist should be practiced in the big place, closed in the small place, then opened in the big place, closed in the small place, and repeated over and over again. As time passes, it can be finalized. After you learn boxing, don’t hurry to walk. If you walk too early, you will become stiff and twisted.