kung fu power · 06/26/2023

How to punch the lethal Wang Ba Fist

“Generally speaking, “Wang Ba Fist” is a continuous cover fist of both hands, cover fist is a human instinctive fighting method, the cover fist action as a back hand fist standard training, the lethality is very strong, can form that kind of “can not block” heavy punch.

The punching route of Gai Quan is also an arc, and unlike the swing fist, which is an arc parallel to the ground, Gai Fist is an arc that is obliquely 45 degrees outward. The method of clenching the fist and the focus of the hand when hitting are the same as swinging the fist.

Practice: Take the left fist as an example

From the exercise, turn the left leg inward, push the body to the right, drive the left hand to extend 45 degrees diagonally above the left side, and hit it 45 degrees to the right when it is about to straighten, exerting force at the height of the head and shoulders. Pay attention to keep the elbow joint properly bent when hitting the target, do not fully extend, and avoid hurting yourself by the reaction force.

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After the blow is completed, the body rotates, and the hand is withdrawn in the shortest route, and the exercise style is resumed. Practice alternately left and right.

Fighting Style Exercises:

Gai Fist is generally used in the back hand boxing, starting from the fighting style, the hind legs push the body to the left to twist, and the back hand strikes in an arc route from 45 degrees up and down obliquely, and quickly resumes the fighting style after completing the attack.

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The target of the attack in actual combat is the opponent’s ears and neck, and you must fully use the power of body rotation to swing out, play with strength, and play momentum, so that the opponent will lose courage and confidence even if it is blocked by your heavy blow.