kung fu power · 06/03/2023

How to prevent lumbar disc herniation

A small movement, a lifetime lumbar disc does not protrude

Practice “Xiaoyanfei” every day, and must not have a herniated lumbar disc in your life

Xiaoyanfei”, which is analogous to the swallow flying posture, can fully exercise the muscles and ligaments of the lower back, and protect the intervertebral disc so that it does not protrude.

Mr. Liu said that the pain in his waist has been getting worse and worse for more than 5 months, and this time he made up his mind: he must find out the cause, listen to the doctor, and let him eat whatever he wants. The results of the X-ray and MRI came in, and the doctor told Mr. Liu that he had a bulge. “So what can I eat?” Mr. Liu asked. He said, “Go back and insist on doing ‘Xiao Yanfei’, which is more effective than taking medicine.”

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A friend once saw a doctor for low back pain, and judging from the film, there were two lumbar discs, one bulging and one protruding. At the doctor’s suggestion, he insisted on being “Xiaoyanfei”.

After 2 months, I felt very good, 3 months The symptoms of low back pain disappeared, and after 9 months, I filmed again and found that the original protruding and bulging disc returned to its original position, the symptoms were gone, and the imaging examination was normal.

For the conditioning of the lumbar cervical spine,

Xiao Yanfei” has a better effect than taking medicine

The “soft cushion” between the joints of the spine is called the intervertebral disc, which is soft and flexible, and plays a role in buffering external forces during human activity. The disc is surrounded by muscles and ligaments that act like soft shields that protect the disc.

Over time, the muscles and ligaments around the intervertebral disc become more and more fragile under the action of external forces, and the so-called lip death and cold, the intervertebral disc will age and rupture. We can think of the lumbar disc at this time as a gumm, and when it is squeezed, it will bulge, and doctors call it a bulge.

A bulge is a milder form of intervertebral disc disease, and even then, trying to get the bulging disc back into place by taking medication is delusional. The best way to do this is to exercise the muscles and ligaments around the disc so that the disc gradually returns to its original position.

Unfortunately, people often do running, weightlifting, cycling and other fitness exercises, can only make the limbs strong, while the muscles and ligaments of the back and neck are difficult to exercise. And “Xiao Yanfei” can exercise both the waist and the back, and the neck, which can be said to be a lot of luck.

“Little Yanfei”

There are two types: standing and reclining

Xiao Yanfei “is an important method of exercising the cervical and lumbar vertebrae, which is better than taking medicine.” There are two kinds of “Xiaoyanfei” movements, one is “Xiaoyanfei” in a standing position, and the other is “Xiaoyanfei” made by lying on the bed.

1. Standing posture Xiaoyanfei

Standing posture, shoulders panned back, arms slightly back, palms flattened, palms facing or backward, analogous to the movement of a swallow retracting its wings when it swoops. Gently forward with the bottom of the waist as the center, it has a slightly “straight belly” feeling from the side. 50 taps each day, morning and evening.

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2. Prone type little swallow fly

On a hard bed, take a prone position with your face facing down, arms supported by the shoulder joint, gently raise, arms up and head slightly, shoulders back and up (shoulder blade contraction).

, feet gently raised, the bottom muscles of the waist contracted, try to let the ribs and abdomen support the body for 3~5 seconds, then relax the muscles, limbs and head back in place to rest for 3~5 seconds before doing. It can be done 30~50 times a day. At the beginning, you can do 10~20 times first, and gradually increase.

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Just insist on doing “Xiaoyanfei” 30 times a day, and you will not get intervertebral disc disease for a lifetime

“Xiaoyanfei” has a good effect, but you insist on it. An old Chinese medicine doctor in Beijing, whose ancestor was a imperial physician who treated diseases in the palace, once said that when there was no intervertebral disc disease, he insisted on doing “Xiaoyanfei” 30 times a day, and he would not get intervertebral disc disease for the rest of his life; If you have mild disc disease, insist on doing “Xiaoyanfei”, and the symptoms will disappear.