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How to practice grappling

How to practice grappling

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Grappling is a kind of confrontational technical project, which contains both profound scientific principles and greater technical difficulty, which requires both physical strength and wisdom, and must pay greater labor if you want to learn and practice well.

The following would like to talk about only a few points of personal experience for reference when learning and practicing fandom.

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First, we must be good at observation and analysis, capture fighters, and use more brains on the word “KitKat”. The success of grappling is all in the words “strange” and “clever”. “Odd” is manifested in being good at random and unexpected; “Qiao” is manifested in breaking the strength with small force, four or two thousand pounds.

To be “strange” and “clever”, we must be quick and use more brains. As we all know, if you want to succeed in all kinds of methods, you must be able to judge where the opponent is weak, what techniques should be used, and choose appropriately in order to win with ingenuity. In order to master these techniques, you must practice more, on the basis of “single-position practice”, but also practice “one take multiple solutions” and “serial cracking method”, through repeated practice, gradually improve their resilience.

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Second, it is necessary to strengthen the training of basic exercises and make vigorous efforts to increase strength. Grappling is a technique that is “smart”, but it cannot be effective without strength. Just like a bamboo pole prying a thousand pounds of boulders, although the most favorable fulcrum can be selected, it cannot be successful.

The boxing phrase “a hundred ingenious powers, powerless can’t do it” is exactly this truth. Strength coaching mainly refers to the training of strength, wrist strength and arm strength. In the traditional training methods, there are jack pendants, grasping the jar, breaking wrists, wrapping hands, finger braces and handstands, etc., each person can choose one, two or more according to his own conditions, or choose several alternating exercises.

In finger training, it is also necessary to emphasize the training of grasp. The “grasp” in grappling is not “full grip”, but “half grip”, or “eagle claw force”. The thumb should be able to open and flex, the remaining four fingers together, the fingertips should be aligned, the first and second sections should be flexed, and the five fingers should be buckled. Methods such as grasping the altar or finger bracing are the most effective ways to increase finger strength.

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Third, pay attention to the combination of rigidity and softness, follow each other up and down, and practice the “whole” strength of the whole body. The “skill” of grappling is also manifested in the rigidity and softness required in the movement, and the coordination of the whole body. In the fight, it is necessary to rely on self-vision and muscle touch to understand the opponent’s strength in time, and if the information is obtained, the whole body will burst out, showing an irresistible “whole” strength.

The combination of rigidity and softness requires the organic combination of twisting, wrapping, winding, winding and other techniques with cold, urgent, brittle and fierce force. As soon as a certain joint of the opponent is captured by me, I will wrap it, wrap it, wrap it, and hold it in response to the situation, forcing the opponent’s back force to stiffen, want to walk, want to melt away, and then suddenly shake with cold, urgent, brittle, and violent force, making it impossible to prevent.

In addition, when I make a move, the lower limbs must be rotated at the same time to lock, trip, step, and press in order to control the other party’s liberation to the greatest extent, so that their footwork cannot be arbitrarily converted, the body is empty, the strength is empty, the center of gravity is unbalanced, and the ground is defeated.

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Fourth, clarify the purpose of practice, adhere to gradual steps, and pay attention to safety protection. The purpose of mastering the technique is to improve the physique, enhance the physique, but also to defend yourself, fight the bad guys, avoid fearlessness, be brave and ruthless, provoke trouble, and bully the weak.

In terms of method, we should pay attention to starting from simple single-position movements, from shallow to deep, step by step. Don’t be too ambitious. In a hurry, or in a hurry, or in one cold and half way. During the exercise, we should pay attention to safety protection, and do not be reckless and reckless.

The practitioner should emphasize the method rather than the force, love the opponent, and point to the point. It is immoral to engage in surprise attacks or black hand injuries.

The supporting hand (that is, the “feeding hand” person) should follow the practitioner’s technique and strength, and loosen the handle or do some adaptive protective actions in time, such as turning the body, falling to the ground, etc. As long as both sides pay attention everywhere, pay attention at all times, respect each other, and follow the rules, injuries and accidents can be completely avoided.

The training of grappling with its unique style forms a kind of confrontational competitive sports of fighting wit, fighting courage, fighting power and fighting skill. Whether in the martial arts arena, or after tea, between masters and apprentices, and between classmates, you can make several “gentleman’s agreements”, to point to the point, or to voice and admit defeat, and carry out a few rounds of grappling and counter-grappling practice with each other, which is more elegant and simple and unique than the loose hand sports on kicking and fighting. If both sides use grappling and cracking to perfection, it will be even more interesting and fun.