kung fu power · 06/03/2023

How to maintain our vitality?

1. What is vitality:

In layman’s terms, it refers to people’s spirit and spirit. Good sleep, good food and good digestion, quick thinking, no cough or breath, smooth breathing, no panic, rosy complexion and loud voice. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that vitality is the most fundamental and important qi of the human body, and is the source of human life, and that sufficient vitality is healthy, that if vitality is damaged, it is sick, and that when vitality is exhausted, it dies. That is to say, if the vitality is sufficient, the immunity is strong, so as to defeat the disease; If the vitality is insufficient or weak, it cannot produce enough antibodies or immunity to defeat the disease, resulting in death.

Characteristics of vitality: Vitality is like oil, non-renewable, easy to consume, but difficult to replenish.

2. Vitality detection method:

The fingernails can directly reflect the internal conditions of the body, and the adequacy of vitality can be detected from the half-moon marks of the fingernails. Stretching out your hands, you can see a white half-moon shape on the lower part of your nails, and this white crescent is called a half-moon mark, called the “vitality ring”, which represents the essence of the human body. If the vitality is sufficient, more than eight half-moon marks are presented on the fingernails of the hands, and each half-moon mark should account for 1/5 of the nails, milky white, the whiter the better; Fewer half-moon marks indicate weak vitality and easy cold hands and feet.

The number of half-moon marks is eight is the best, too much is easy to suffer from “three highs”, overnutrition; Less is cold and lack of vitality. The reduction of half-moon marks begins with the little finger and transitions sequentially to the thumb. If it is congenital no, it is not used as the basis for diagnosis, on the contrary, congenital has acquired none, indicating vitality consumption. The performance of the vitality of the human body should be a peaceful state, less is insufficient, too much.


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3. Vitality replenishment method:

Vitality is innately given by parents, is a non-renewable resource, and is extremely precious. The premise of nourishing vitality is to reduce the consumption of vitality, and then maintain it as much as possible through acupressure massage. Most people often lack the awareness of health preservation, which leads to some bad living habits in the busy work and study. Improve living and regulate inner body balance. The five internal organs have vitality, excessive use will hurt vitality, and after using it up and then replenishing it, it is better to reduce consumption and benefit the body.

Ways to nourish vitality include:

(1) Massage acupressure point maintenance vitality:

a. Neiguan Point:

Neiguan is one of the three major longevity health points, the palm and wrist horizontal lines down two inches, rubbing the Neiguan point every day can nourish the heart, regulate sleep, and increase immunity. When you are low energy, impetuous, and unable to sleep, massage this acupuncture point will relieve you.

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b. Guan Yuan Cave:

Guan Yuan is an acupuncture point that closes the vitality so that the qi does not leak out, in the lower abdomen, on the anterior midline, three inches below the umbilicus. It is a place where men store their essence and women store blood.

This acupuncture point is soft and warm indicating good health, too cool indicates that the body is in a sub-healthy state, below 30 degrees is a potential warning of cancer constitution, too hard indicates that there are gynecological problems that need to be paid more attention to.

Every day before going to bed, rub your hands hot, rub Guan Yuan’s acupoint and cover it to sleep, which can maintain vitality well.

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c. Taixi Cave:

Taixi Acupoint is the original point of the foot and the yin kidney meridian, located on the inside of the foot, behind the medial malleolus bone and the depression between the tendon of the heel bone. The kidneys store vitality, and rubbing Taixi points every day can nourish the yin and tonify the kidneys.

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(2) To reduce the consumption of vitality:

a. Ensure adequate sleep and fall asleep before childhood (fall asleep before 11 o’clock). Being asleep at 1 o’clock the next day can best help the liver recover.

B. Do not eat spicy and stimulating foods. Such as spicy fragrant pot, boiled fish, these foods with a stimulating taste. There are also drinks containing caffeine, which also drain vitality.

c. Do not eat cold food. Cold food will mobilize the Yuanyang Qi of the stomach to warm the cold food, resulting in a cold stomach and Yuanyang being consumed.

d. Reduce excessive computer use. The liver is open to the eyes, and the computer screen throughout the day consumes the vitality of the liver.

e. Avoid loud volume noise. The kidneys open to the ear, and the ears are easily drained by the internal vitality when they are abused in a loud environment for a long time.

f. Maintain emotional peace. Anger is anger, mourning is anger, happiness is anger, and desire is anger.