kung fu moves · 06/21/2023

How to defend against an instrument attack

In wrestling in traditional Chinese martial arts, there are very simple moves, which are very practical in actual self-defense and self-defense fighting, such as: cutting neck and leg falling, which can effectively carry out defensive counterattacks when swinging fists against the enemy and smashing wine bottles, kitchen knives slashing, dagger stabs, short sticks and other equipment attacks.

The following is a animated (GIF) image to show you the defensive counterattack when cutting the neck and leg falling, swinging punches and equipment attacks.

How to defend against an instrument attack-illustration-
Animated demonstration of the defensive counterattack of the neck cutting leg fall against the swing fist

Next, “Kung Fu Martial Arts Cool” explained the movements of the move in detail in the form of pictures and texts.

1. Confrontation between enemies and us (Figure 1).

How to defend against an instrument attack-illustration-1
Figure 1

2. The enemy stepped left and struck me with a left swing fist (or a wine bottle smash, a kitchen knife slash, a dagger down, a short stick down), and we blocked and grabbed his arm with his right hand (Fig. 2).

How to defend against an instrument attack-illustration-2
Figure 2

3. Without stopping, our side immediately presses down on the enemy’s left arm while taking a small step forward with the right foot (Figure 3).

How to defend against an instrument attack-illustration-3
Figure 3

4. Keep moving up, step up with our left foot to the enemy’s left leg and form a pinned leg, while swinging our left arm to the enemy’s neck (Figure 4).

How to defend against an instrument attack-illustration-4
Figure 4

5. Keep moving up, our left leg pins the enemy’s left leg, the right hand violently pulls the enemy’s left arm into the arms, and at the same time the left arm violently cuts the enemy’s neck from the top to my right and lower right, and the three forces combine to drop the enemy to the ground (Picture 5A, Figure 5B).

How to defend against an instrument attack-illustration-5
Figure 5A

How to defend against an instrument attack-illustration-6
Figure 5B

After our side has fallen the enemy, if the enemy has a murder weapon in hand, we can take the enemy’s murder weapon and quickly run away to avoid fighting with the enemy; If it is judged that the enemy is still incapacitated and may further threaten itself, we can control the enemy’s left arm with both hands, step on the enemy’s chest or abdomen or crotch with our left foot, or step on the enemy’s shoulder joint to dislocate it.