kung fu moves · 06/18/2023

How to attack the neck 2 self-defense techniques

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How to attack the neck 2 self-defense techniques-illustration-
We will introduce you to 3 simple moves to turn defeat into victory in critical moments.

First, the liberation move of breaking the neck – the second dragon play pearl

Vicious gangsters sometimes recklessly use deadly moves, and at this critical moment, the “Two Dragons Play Pearl” move is a special move to defeat the strong with weakness, escape from danger and escape from the attack.

For example, when the gangster chokes your neck and wants to kill you, you can open your index and middle fingers and slam into the gangster’s eyes to crack his throat.

How to attack the neck 2 self-defense techniques-illustration-1
In practice, you can first stomp on the instep or kick the shin to draw attention to the lower plate, and then surprise him, strike decisively, and accurately insert his eyes.

At the same time, it should be noted that if you use the five fingers of the palm to insert, because there is a nose bridge between the eyes, the middle finger is the longest finger, and after the middle finger is against the bridge of the nose, the rest of the fingers cannot be checked into the eyes. So be sure to use the two fingers of the index finger and the middle finger.

Second, the move to lock the throat after breaking – elbow, shrink, pull arm fall

The gangster strangles your neck with his arms from behind, you can use the back elbow to hit him hard in the abdomen or ribs, and squat down, raise his arms upwards to hold the gangster’s hands up, and then turn and step back, while grabbing the gangster’s wrists and pulling the gangster’s arms to throw the enemy to the ground.

How to attack the neck 2 self-defense techniques-illustration-2
Third, the move to break the grasp – duster, hoop neck and knee

The gangster grabs your shoulder from the front, you can use the palm of the grabbed shoulder to slap the gangster’s eyes violently, and then grab the gangster’s neck with both hands, jerk back and down, and at the same time hit the gangster’s crotch and abdomen with knee force up and forward.

How to attack the neck 2 self-defense techniques-illustration-3
When using this move, the action of striking the gangster’s eye should be sudden; The hoop neck and knee movements should be followed immediately, and should not be disconnected from the hand; The hoop neck pull-down and the knee thrust should be coordinated to form a joint force.

Therefore, we must often practice the combination of hands and hoops and necks and knees to make them proficient. In addition to air exercises, you can use the household stand-up sandbags (tumblers) at home to help you train.