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How to attack the head in street fights

Shaolin warrior monks are particularly fond of hitting enemies with long sticks. Long sticks are easy to exert their power when fighting in groups, and it is said that the stick sweeps a large area. In the south, long sticks (referring to eyebrow sticks) do not advocate “sweeping a large area”, but advocate the use of marksmanship as a stick method, and use delicate and small movements such as poke, stab, cover, and pick to hit the enemy. This style of play is probably because of the many alleys in the south, so it is called “alley stick”.

Long sticks are suspected of being “too old”. I am afraid of hand-to-hand combat, once the two sides are close, the long stick will not only be unable to perform, but also hinder the power of fists and feet. In street fights, long sticks are somewhat inconvenient to carry, while carrying short sticks is simple and easy, whether it is chasing or fleeing. Therefore, the short stick fighting style was gradually incorporated into the street fighting technique.

Don’t take this little stick lightly, practice has proved that its power is extraordinary. In large-scale street fights, the ruler knife (watermelon knife) is more powerful than the dagger, while the short stick is more lethal than the ruler knife. Because the dagger is short, it is not easy to get close, and I am stabbing at the chest and abdomen of the enemy. Although the ruler knife is long, its weight is light, and the force point stays at the superficial, and there have been examples of hundreds of knives in the body and not falling to the ground, still fighting hard. Short sticks hit the head more often, the weight is heavy, once hit, most of them fall to the ground and can no longer fight, there are indeed many examples of one stick and death.

The grip of the short stick is “leave one hand”, that is, the right hand is not held at the end of the stick, but held at the place where it is held from the end of the stick (that is, the distance of the empty palm), and it is enough to leave one hand until the end of the stick. This kind of grip, not only can make the beaten stick heavy and powerful, but also make the stick method change rapidly, has many advantages.

“A stick in the back of the head” is a move that violently hits the back of the human brain according to the lethal power of the short stick “one hit and kill”. The move is simple and simple, there is only one blow, but this blow has great power! Therefore, in street fights, those who often use short sticks to sneak attacks use this trick. The success rate of this move is very high, and many people fall in the sneak attack of this move.

Although the move is only one hit, the specific use must be flexibly changed depending on the specific situation, and here is an example of a sneak attack in an alley corner:

(1) Party A hides at the corner of the alley (Figure 33). When hiding, squat slightly, tighten your body, and lean your back against the wall. The slight squatting of the body is not easy to be detected by the enemy, because people’s eyes always have the habit of looking horizontally, and it is also to facilitate movement. When hiding, don’t make noises because of nervousness, and don’t be slammed by the other party by exposing your clothes because of carelessness.

How to attack the head in street fights-illustration-

(2) Do not step on the sliding stones with your feet during the sneak attack, so as not to suddenly lose control and slip and fall to the ground, and cannot hit the opponent. Keep your feet in the pre-starting position, and have a sudden jumping posture. This makes it easier to launch a sudden attack.

(3) Hold the stick in the right hand, do not be too nervous, the stick can be placed above the right shoulder, do not extend the stick far, so as not to be detected by the other party in time and preemptively take away the short stick. Concentrate and have the intention to strike suddenly. Hold a short stick in your right hand and protect your chest with your left hand.

(4) The above is a preparation posture before the external static internal movement of “tanuki cat catching mice”, those who do this action well, can emit a strong explosive force in a very short time, the body and stick are one, and the trigger is triggered.

(5) Standby in the posture of waiting for the enemy. When you hear footsteps, when the enemy approaches, you will not move, but take a deep and long breath and prepare for a surprise attack.

(6) Just after B turned the corner, A flew up, pounced, and in the air, swung the stick out sharply, and hit the back of the opponent’s head or neck (Figure 34, Figure 35)

How to attack the head in street fights-illustration-1 How to attack the head in street fights-illustration-2

(7) If Party B is hit, it must immediately fall to the ground. Using this trick, either death or disability, human life is at stake, and the enemy is invincible!

“A stick in the back of the head” refers to the stick method in which one party holds the stick and slams the other on the back of the head. This stick method does not have to hit the back of the head from behind, and in special cases, the stick can also hit the back of the head from the front.

From the perspective of the protection system, human body movement posture can be divided into two categories: normal state and abnormal state. Normal state refers to the posture that the human body maintains under normal conditions, such as the preparatory pose in sanda. Abnormal state refers to the human body showing undue flaws in a passive situation and cannot make up for it, unable to protect its posture. This pose is common in the moment of being hit in a fight. Such as: the moment when the head is forced to twist when hit by a swing boxing; the moment when he fell backwards when he was hit in the chest by a kick; The moment when you are hit in the abdomen by a hook and so on.

Abnormal conditions often occur when losing and passive, and if the attacker can seize this opportunity to chase, the effect is extremely ideal. However Chinese under the shackles of the traditional idea of “benevolence”, they rarely pursue the losers and show their “grandeur”. Who knows that this is the best opportunity to hit, an opportunity that street fighters will never lose.

Below, let’s look at an example of hitting the back of the opponent’s head from the front.

(1) B holds a dagger and is eager to move A, and because he relies on the murder weapon, he becomes arrogant.

(2) A holds the stick in his right hand (pay attention to the correct grip of the short stick to make the short stick change flexibly), with the right foot in front, the left hand slightly forward, and the right hand in front of the right shoulder (Figure 36).

How to attack the head in street fights-illustration-3

(3) A do not ignore the role of the left hand, do not pay too much attention to the role of the right hand stick, in unarmed combat, the role of the left hand is very important. In instrumental combat, sometimes the left hand can unexpectedly kill B at the right opportunity. Conversely, B confronts A, and must pay great attention to A’s right-handed stick, and B must manage to get in and wrap his left hand around A’s right-handed stick. Therefore, Party A should give full play to the power of the right-handed stick as much as possible, and at the same time play the role of the left hand, and do not leave the left hand idle.

(4) After using luring, provocation, shaking and other means, B stabbed the left chest and heart of A with a dagger with a step to achieve the effect of killing with one blow. At this time, B is bound to be fierce, and his hand must be vicious.

(5) In the face of B’s arrogance, Party A must not retreat, and once it retreats, A is in danger of being stabbed to death or stabbed. At this time, A, with the courage of Jing Ke, went to B, aimed his left arm at B’s arm, and suddenly stepped onto the shelf.

At the same time, A’s right-handed stick slammed B’s lower abdomen with the head of the stick from the bottom forward, or the crotch from the bottom up (Fig. 37). Note that A’s right hand is not too far forward, but takes the body with steps and hits B with explosive force.

(6) B was hit by the stick, the pain must be unbearable, the body was bent forward, the head was lowered, and there was a rare opportunity – an abnormal state, the opportunity to expose the back of the head.

(7) A seizes this opportunity by slightly retreating his hind foot to distance himself from B, while the right hand stick slams the back of B’s head from back up, forward and down (Figures 38, 39). As long as the hit and landing point is accurate, B will fall to the ground in response!

How to attack the head in street fights-illustration-4 How to attack the head in street fights-illustration-5

Special warning: Hitting the back of the head with a stick is a trick used by hooligan gangs to tear each other apart in street fights, either dead or maimed, and now this trick can be used or not used in the legitimate defense of citizens, so as not to cause excessive defense and cause human life to be legally responsible.