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How Tai chi nourishes the kidneys

Note: this kidney tonifying skill is a health preserving secret handed down by Mr. libaoliang, a famous Tai Chi expert. The action is simple and seems ordinary. But if you master the key mental skills, you can have the function of “tonifying the kidney and strengthening the body faster than anything else”.


Skill action: stand upright, keep your feet apart from your shoulders, lift and straighten your arms, and cross them behind your head. At this time, your lower abdomen leans forward slightly, straighten and press your hands upward as much as possible, and all your strength and ideas are concentrated on the lumbar spine. Then the strength is sent out from the lumbar vertebra, so that the two arms are pressed down from the back of the head to both sides of the body in the maximum arc, squat down at the same time, and finally cross the two hands between the two knees.


At the end, concentrate on the front sole of the foot for 5 seconds, and the heel cannot be off the ground (when the two arms are pressed down to both sides, the arm does not exert any force, but the waist is exerting force). When standing up again, use the forefoot first as the starting energy; Then concentrate all the strength and ideas on the lumbar spine again. Do not use a little strength on your legs, and gradually stand up.


Cross your hands all the time, from the front of your chest to the top of your head to the back of your head (your head and feet are behind, your lower abdomen is forward, and your body is arched).


Breathing method: exhale during the whole process of squatting and inhale during the whole process of standing up. Hold your breath for two seconds while breathing (preferably abdominal breathing). The length of practice should be determined according to the individual constitution, and it is appropriate not to feel tired. After practice, many people will feel sad. They need to use both hands to clench the empty fist and gently beat the back waist.


Usually after two minutes of practice, you will sweat all over and feel hot on the sole of your feet. Some people will belch and fart. As for the long-term effect, let’s feel it for ourselves. In case of abdominal pain, backache and other discomfort symptoms, massage Fuliu and Taixi points, which can be quickly solved. It will be even better if we practice together with the golden rooster.


What’s the difficulty? What’s the secret! Many people will have such a sigh. But this is really a mental skill, as simple as Columbus could stand an egg on the table. In fact, it is a layer of paper, but for many people, it will always be a mountain.


Q: do you want to squat to the end? Or squat to half squat? In the whole process, the hands will not be held together, but the arms will be crossed


Answer: there are two steps:


1、 Stand, squat, stand again. In the whole process, only the waist and sole of the foot shall be used to exert force, and no legs shall be used.


2、 Raise your head with your arms crossed and separate them from the back of your head to the sides of your legs. The whole process also uses waist force without using your arms and shoulders. Never cross your hands (if you don’t understand this sentence, buy a thruster, pull it away from the back of your head, and you’ll find the feeling). If you only understand one step, practice it first.


You can also practice according to your own understanding. Don’t stick to it. In the end, it will really become your own thing.