kung fu moves · 06/06/2023

How Muay Thai protects vital parts of the body

The method of Muay Thai is similar to the Western boxing method, but it is more practical and flexible than the Western boxing method, which stipulates that only the front and back of the fist can be used to hit the opponent, while Muay Thai has no such restrictions, and any part of the fist can be used to hit the opponent; The Western boxing law stipulates that the effective parts of the blow are the front and sides of the human body, and the part above the belt, and the top of the head and back cannot attack, otherwise it is considered a foul, which is not the case in Muay Thai.

The main punches of Muay Thai include straight punches, hooks, swings, bracing, covering, slapping, whipping, etc. We’ll cover that later.

The main contact sites of Muay Thai boxing are shown in Figure 4-1. That is, the back of the fist and the root joints of the index and middle fingers.

How Muay Thai protects vital parts of the body-illustration-
Grip: The four fingers outside the thumb are retracted and firmly clenched, and the thumb is bent and pressed against the middle section of the middle and index fingers. The fist surface should be flat, that is, the back of the fist and the wrist joint should be in a straight line.


Elbow method is the most commonly used attack technique by Muay Thai boxers, commonly used are front elbow, horizontal elbow, back elbow, and lower elbow. The impact contact part is shown in Figure 4 to 2 Shadow part.

How Muay Thai protects vital parts of the body-illustration-1

Knee striking technique is a major component in Muay Thai due to its fast knee strike speed and short strike route. Therefore, it is usually used most at medium and close range. The most lethal, knee skills can not only attack. It can also be used as a defensive use, and the main knee methods are top knee, sweeping knee, and knee bumping. The contact part is shown in Figure 3.


Footwork is the most commonly used technique in Muay Thai fighting, its large strike power, long distance, wide striking area, fierce force, is the main attack weapon of Muay Thai fighters, Muay Thai masters often rely on it to win. The main footwork are sweeping kick, counter-kick, spinning kick, front kick, etc. The main contact parts are shown in Figure 4-2 and the shadowed part.

The main attack site of Muay Thai

Although the attack of Muay Thai can be used in all parts of the body, there are still key strike areas for efficiency. Muay Thai boxers have experienced countless painful experiences in long-term actual combat, summing up the key targets of the human body, which Muay Thai calls “attacking fatal points”. In the past, this was seen as a secret trick and was only given to those close disciples. There are sixteen places that are not detailed.