kung fu moves · 05/26/2023

How is Wing Chun used to swing the waist

Basic movements: Bend your elbows in front of your chest with both hands, fold your left hand over your right hand, at shoulder height, and stand with a pincer horse gait. Using the hand bridge to support the waist, rotate the waist belt to the left while moving the hips. At this point, maintain the original movement of the right leg, straighten the left knee, and place the weight of the body completely on the right leg, with the hand movements unchanged.


Return to the original route of the body and turn to the right. At this time, the upper body movement remains unchanged, with the right leg extended, the left leg bent, and the body’s center of gravity on the left leg. This reciprocating motion is called a waist swinging motion.

How is Wing Chun used to swing the waist-illustration-

Action analysis: When the body is turned to the left, the left knee is straightened, the right leg is still bent, and the center of gravity of the body is on the right leg, the action at this time is referred to as the leaning horse or the meridian horse in Wing Chun Fist. The waist swing action can integrate the strength of the waist, hands, and steps, and develop a posture where the upper body deviates from the center line after turning sideways, which can dissolve and divert the opponent’s strong force, and can have the effect of “pushing a thousand pounds in four or two directions”.


With the increase of leg strength, the front and rear legs of side steps can better utilize virtual steps for stepping up and attacking, making the transition between attack and defense faster. Persistent exercise can increase the flexibility of the waist and also treat lumbar diseases

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