kung fu moves · 06/19/2023

Hook Punch Hand-to-Combat uses GIFs in real combat

Hook fist is a kind of arc from bottom to top punching method, and is used as a close-range attack boxing method, it is much more complex in action structure and striking technique than straight punches, swing punches and other long-term punches, but the striking power is no less than the back hand straight fist and swing fist. However, in modern sanda rings, less attention is paid to hook boxing, for two reasons: first, hook movements and techniques are not as easy to master as straight punches and swing punches; Second, hook boxing as a close-range hitting technique, modern sanda focuses on close to the body and fast falling, to a large extent there is no room for hook boxing.

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“Kung Fu Wushu Cool” believes that although the technique of hooking is not as easy to master as straight punches and swing punches, it is much easier to master than the wrestling technique. In real life, when faced with gangsters, we advocate fleeing the scene as soon as possible to avoid conflict with them. When clashes with gangsters are unavoidable, the fighting between the two sides is mostly hand-to-hand combat.

The strike line of the hook is bottom-up, and the main attack target is the opponent’s heart and lungs, spleen, stomach and liver, crotch and jaw of the head, which has the characteristics of sudden strike, strong aggression and difficult to defend. In hand-to-hand combat, the power of the hook is the same as the power of the elbow on the top of the knee, and its heavy blow can also knock out the opponent, and its technique is easier to master than the elbow knee, so it is very important to master the hook technique that can exert great power in hand-to-hand combat.

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The following “Kung Fu Martial Arts Cool” introduces the actual combat use of hook boxing in self-defense combat combat.

Practical case 1:

The enemy attacked us with a left straight fist, and our side immediately dodged inside to defuse, and then attacked the enemy’s abdominal key point with a left hook.

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Practical case 2:

The enemy attacks our upper set with a right swing fist, and we immediately dive down to dodge, while punching the enemy in the abdomen with a right hook.

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Hook boxing is generally a combination of appearance, training to master its own attributes, as a hidden boxing method, you have to rely on other boxing techniques, body techniques, footwork as a guide to complete. No matter what kind of auxiliary training, it is necessary to have the actual motivation of simulation and develop a natural instinctive conditioned reflex habit.

Therefore, to practice hook boxing, ordinary training is essential, and having a stand-up sandbag (tumbler) at home can facilitate your usual training.

Therefore, practicing more hooks will exert great power in self-defense fights