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Health and the decline of vitality

The decline of vitality

Chinese Taoism, Indian yoga, or tantric theories will talk about human beings about “death”, whether male or female, everyone’s death, all from the feet, Taoism is well aware of this principle, so the training “breath to return to the heel”, the so-called “real person’s breath to the heel”, generally explains the “heel” as the “spring cave” of the heart.

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Try the baby lying on the bed to play by himself, often moving his feet, but his hands rarely move, and then gradually grow up, still love to run, love to jump, feet are moving, after middle age changes, but love to sit and be quiet, but hate young and active people, but do not know that his half of the vitality has been reduced, the lower body is equal to a half-dead state, so tired of activities. Look at the elderly again, when sitting, I prefer to put my legs high on the table, so I feel comfortable, which indicates that the lower vitality has declined, the feet are easy to cold, and the old state is presented, if the elderly can burn the soles of the feet, the bottom of the feet is strong, it is a sign of longevity. Looking at the fetus’s breathing with the nail, the dantian is moving, although the baby breathes with the mouth and nose, the dantian is still moving naturally.

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In middle age, the dantian was weak and static, changed position, shrunk up to the abdomen, to the chest, and then to the throat to the nose, and finally took a breath, wailing – this is reimbursed. It can be seen that the decline and death of vitality gradually goes from the bottom to the top, gradually exhausting. When we do qi machine kung fu or practice tai chi kung fu, we want to “sink the qi dantian” to make the qi machine unlucky, which is the way of health. However, the method that should be used depends on the qualifications of each person, and cannot be generalized.

What a gas?

Or ask if after breathing in, it should be injected into the dantian, or poured somewhere. This has already been said earlier with the metaphor of the wheel braking, the gas engine brakes, but can not reach. Now to make another interesting analogy: imagine that the human skin sac, like an air balloon, after we fill the air into the air sac, we have to make it stop at a certain point in the sac, can we do it? Does it work? As long as you practice as you said before, everything is in harmony, then after the qi enters from the nasal cavity, it naturally runs and perfuses the whole body, and there is a reason to stop the dantian? And you can’t stay, so don’t make false statements and explain in vain.

When the teacher taught, only said that the breath can be exhaled by the mouth, and the lips are pursed when exhaling, such as the appearance of blowing is better, and the mouth is closed and inhaled with the nostrils when inhaling, as for where the air goes, you can not ask. Because of the natural perfusion of the whole body, every part of the human body, every cell needs qi, and dies without gas. So qi can’t stay in the dantian, and what is the benefit of stopping in the dantian?

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You may wish to check it out again! When people reach middle age and above, they no longer practice Shaolin boxing, but turn to Dharma Gong and change to meditation, which is also an inevitable thing. As for internal strength, it is advisable to adopt the methods of Taoism or Buddhism, leaving aside the fact that they all follow this road of meditation, and if they reach the age of forty or older, they still kick and bounce, and after a long time, they will have maladies. All beings are sad, and when human mental strength is at its most abundant, it is around the age of fifty, which is when the intellectual intelligence reaches its peak, (or in the forties when the physical strength is full). )

But just like an apple in a tree, as soon as it is ripe, it immediately lands naturally and goes downhill. Therefore, the Buddhist view of all sentient beings is pathetic, and life is impermanent and short. Regardless of whether it is Eastern or Western, trying to prolong one’s life by all means of internal strength and medicine and live a few more years is in vain in the end. It is impossible to live forever and never die. But being able to live healthy and happy when you are temporarily clean is already a great joy in life. Did you say yes?

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According to statistics, very few Western activists can live to be 70 years old, and most of them must die when they reach their 60s, which shows that it is not suitable for intense sports. Most Chinese boxers will live to be eighty or ninety. Among them, there are more subtle further differences; For example, very few people who learn Shaolin boxing and can reach the age of 100, unless they switch to meditation after middle age and give up boxing. In addition, there is a kind of tai chi practitioner who also combines meditation with meditation, and after changing meditation kung fu, will the boxing skills be completely abolished?

The answer is that “not only will it not be wasted because of this, but boxing will be more advanced because of this”, and what is left aside is only the art of fighting. The change of temperament in the body makes the body more soft, the skin more delicate, and the pain gradually disappears, and even many parts of the body are like a baby, everything is natural.

The principle of Tai chiquan was once found in a certain book of Yangjia Tai chiquan, which quoted Lao Tzu: “Dedicated and soft, can you be a baby?” Almost. Therefore, in the later stage of practicing tai chi, we should embark on the road of internal strength. Wait until you enter the realm of internal strength and experience its posture, which is naturally accurate, and you can do whatever you want.