kung fu moves · 08/28/2023

Grappling relies on finger power – stone throwing skill

The practice of throwing stones

Grappling relies on finger power – stone throwing skill-illustration-
In Chinese martial arts, finger gong and grappling are inextricably linked, and it is one of the basic methods of martial arts.

There are many types of finger exercises, and this article will share the practice methods of “Throwing Stones” for beginners’ reference.

Throwing stones

When I first practiced, I didn’t use any equipment, and the three fingers in the big food were close to each other, just like the shape of the lock finger work in the previous period, but the lock finger work was interlocked to the ring, which was a triangle, and the place where the finger face was attached was limited to the first section.

The practice method introduced this time is very similar to the previous method of practicing “Lock Finger Gong”, but the place of force is different. The previous methods required force on the fingertips, but this one requires force on the fingertips.

At the beginning of school, no equipment is required. Just put the three finger surfaces of the large, food and middle close together, just like the shape of the lock finger gong mentioned last time, except that the lock finger work is interlocked into a ring, and the shape of the stone gong is to become a triangle, and the place where the finger face is attached is limited to the first section.

Next, you need to concentrate the strength of your entire arm to your fingertips, and then slowly draw small circles.

Grappling relies on finger power – stone throwing skill-illustration-1
After striking several times, change to the opposite direction, and the number of the two times is equal.

When the beans are turned into dust with a gentle rotation of three fingers, the work is enough.

You can practice as many times a day as you like, as long as you have time, until your fingers are sore and you can take a break.

After half a year of practice, you can hold three large yellow beans with three fingers: big, food, and middle, and use the strength of your full arm to push these beans so that they rotate between them. This action is similar to the method described earlier.

Initially, it doesn’t go well, and drops occur, but after one to two months, it becomes easy to manage.

When you gently turn your three fingers, you can crush the beans, and the effort required is enough.

Learning grappling only requires mastery of finger skills. If you want to pursue a higher level, you can turn to practicing the technique of stone throwing. However, once mastered to the highest level, it needs to be applied carefully to avoid accidental injury.