kung fu moves · 09/17/2023

Fundamentals of Judo – Rigidity with Softness

Judo is one of Japan’s unique martial arts and is an unarmed fighting technique that does not use a weapon, but follows the attack power of the hand and throws the opponent down, holds, kicks or grapples. Modern judo is also a mass sport that combines physical and mental cultivation.

Since 1964, judo has been included in the official Olympic Games.

The core of the basic technical principles of judo is “rigidity with softness”.

Fundamentals of Judo – Rigidity with Softness-illustration-
Judging from the name of judo, it means to control rigidity with softness, and in ancient Japan, jiu-jitsu was based on the main principle of not using strong force against the opponent, but softly complying with and using this force, so that the power was exhausted and subdued the opponent.

The idea of using softness to control rigidity originated from the ancient Chinese “Laozi” and “Zhou Yi”, the guiding ideology of ancient jiu-jitsu: “Soft energy controls rigidity, weak energy controls the strong, soft can control the strong, soft is virtuous, rigid is also thief, the weak are helped, and the strong are attacked.” It is completely taken from a section in the ancient Chinese book of war, “Three Sketches”.

According to the philosophical ideas of “Lao Tzu” and “Zhou Yi”, yin and yang, rigidity and softness, strength and weakness are constantly changing, and ancient jiu-jitsu scholars believed: “Softness to control rigidity is the magic of heaven, but softness may not be able to control rigidity, rigidity may not be able to overcome softness, and the victory or defeat of the struggle between rigidity and softness lies in the skillfulness of the use of qizheng change.” ”

Jiu-Jitsu is to follow the trend in martial arts under the guidance of the idea of softness and rigidity, and to achieve the goal of defeating the enemy when catching opportunities. Therefore, the founder of modern judo, Jigoro Kana, originally adopted the character “soft” as the highest credo of judo.

In the technical theory of judo, the ideological principle of “rigidity with softness” runs through, so in the process of learning judo, whether or not to attach importance to and experience the principle of “rigidity with softness” will be directly related to the improvement of judo technical level.