kung fu power · 08/27/2023

Fuhu Kung Fu practice – increase finger strength

The practice of Fuhu Gong

Fuhu Kung Fu practice – increase finger strength-illustration-
Finger Kung Fu is one of the basic methods of Chinese martial arts and is more closely related to grappling.

There are many ways to practice finger kung fu, and the following is the practice method of fuhu gong for beginners.

Fu Hugong’s body lies on the ground, all parts of his body are straight, supporting the ground with the tips of his toes, his hands are placed on the sides of his head, the tips of his fingers are facing forward, and his palms are close to the ground.

Then use the strength of your arms and legs to support your body, and when you are about a foot off the ground, lean your body forward until you can’t move forward.

Then put your feet back, and let your body also fall backwards, until you can no longer retreat.

Fuhu Kung Fu practice – increase finger strength-illustration-1
Practice like this repeatedly until you can do your best. Note that only the palms and toes of the whole body touch the ground, and the rest are all volleyed.

After one year of practice, the variable palm into a fist continues, at which point the fist is pressed against the ground with the tiger’s mouth facing forward.

After a considerable extent, it is changed to finger practice, that is, the little finger and ring finger are flexed and attached to the palm, the thumb, index finger, middle finger pressed on the ground, middle finger index finger in front, thumb in the back to form a rat claw shape.

Continue the practice by placing one toe on the ground and the other foot on top of the heel.

After that, you can also put the stone on your back to continue the practice, the weight of the stone from light to heavy, gradually increased to 100 pounds, and when the three fingers can still hold on to the ground for a long time, the kung fu is quite large.