kung fu moves · 05/29/2023

Fist Technique of Jeet Kune Do Mark Finger

The finger is the longest attack distance and fastest attack speed among the upper limb attack weapons in Jeet Kune Do, and uses the fingertip as a force point to harass and contain, volley, and cooperate with other techniques for progressive indirect attacks, combined attacks, etc. (see Chapter 3 of this book for progressive indirect attacks and combined attacks). The main sites of attack are the eyes and throat.

[Method of action]

Stand on the right swing pile. The center of gravity is slightly forward, the right fist changes palm, the fingertips are facing forward, the fingers are ahead, and the elbow joint is pushed, so that the forearm is thrown forward along the midline, the force reaches the fingertips, high and eye level. The lower jaw is slightly tucked in, and the back hand remains protected. After the strike, quickly use the arm elasticity to recycle. (Figure 2-38(1)(2))

Fist Technique of Jeet Kune Do Mark Finger-illustration-


The target refers to the use of arm flicks when attacking, whether in a series or individually, rather than simply pushing through the elbow.


[Practical demonstration]

There is a confrontation between the enemy and ourselves. When the other person’s attention drops, I quickly push closer and hit them in the eye with my pointer. (Figures 2-39 (1) (2))

Fist Technique of Jeet Kune Do Mark Finger-illustration-1