kung fu moves · 06/19/2023

Fighting Instructional Boxing Counterattack GIFs

This article is equipped with wonderful animated GIF pictures, please read each picture, and then read the text carefully, you can fully experience the wonderful charm of each trick! )

Fighting Instructional Boxing Counterattack GIFs-illustration-
This is a continuation of animation teaching: special police personal demonstration, basic footwork and fist attack in police fighting techniques, animation teaching: police fighting techniques for defensive boxing attacks, simple and practical, easy for ordinary people to master.

First, the defensive counterattack of straight fists

Both sides stand in a left-hand fighting style; The enemy attacked me with a straight left fist; Our side immediately slaps down the defense with our right hand, and then attacks the enemy in the face continuously with straight fists left and right, and the enemy will be hit.

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Second, swing fist defensive counterattack

Both the enemy and we stand in a left-hand fighting style, and the enemy’s left swing fist attacks our head; Method 1: Our side immediately blocks the defense with our right arm, and then attacks the enemy side with our left and right straight fists; Method 2: We immediately dive downwards to dodge and attack the enemy’s head with a right swing fist, and then attack the enemy’s abdomen with a left upper hook.

Fighting Instructional Boxing Counterattack GIFs-illustration-2
Third, the defensive counterattack of the upper hook

Both sides stand in a left-hand fighting style; Method 1: The enemy attacks our jaw with a right upper hook; Our side immediately dodged backwards, and then counterattacked the enemy’s side with straight fists left and right; Method 2: The enemy punches me in the abdomen with a left upper hook, our side immediately defends with the right elbow, and then hits the enemy in the head with a right swing.

Fighting Instructional Boxing Counterattack GIFs-illustration-3

These moves are actually very simple, but usually practice a lot. Therefore, to practice the above moves, ordinary training is essential, and having a household standing sandbag (tumbler) can facilitate your usual training.