kung fu moves · 06/04/2023

Fifteen minutes to build strong psoas muscles

In front of women, men like to show off their muscles at every opportunity, especially well-defined abs; In front of men, men like to say how strong their strength is, especially waist strength, as for why, I believe men understand.

Today, the editor is not verbose, and brings you brothers a way to build strong psoas muscles and make men more confident.

Movement 1: Lunge cross squat

Procedure: Carry the bar of the right weight on your shoulder, open your legs, shoulder-width apart; Step back with your right foot, wrap around the back of your left leg, stretch your steps as wide as possible, squat with your legs crossed, and bend your right leg with your knee almost on the ground. Hold the squat for 2-3 seconds, restore the movement, do 8-10 times per leg in a group, do 3-5 sets.

Fifteen minutes to build strong psoas muscles-illustration-
Key Tips:

The body should always be tucked in and the chest should not be loosened and arched, and the stability of the center of gravity should be maintained during the crossing process.

Movement 2: Hold the ball sideways and jump

Procedure: Stand with your legs together, holding a basketball or a solid ball to your chest. The body is bent forward and bent the knee, the right foot steps out to the right, the left leg quickly goes up, and at the same time the body turns to the right, when the right foot lands smoothly, both hands hold the ball on the right side of the right foot; After the left leg lands on the ground with the right leg, it continues to step out and land to its left side, and the body also turns to the left, and the ball reaches the left side of the left leg. Do 8-10 reps for a group of 8-10 reps per leg.

Fifteen minutes to build strong psoas muscles-illustration-1
Key Tips:
The crossed landing of the legs should have a certain rhythm, maintain smooth breathing, and keep the body bent forward and look forward throughout the continuous process.

Tips: The above two movements seem simple, but it takes ten minutes of exercise every day to get better results.

Whether fitness can achieve the goal, the most important thing is to persist, everyone understands this truth, but how many can really stick to it? I hope you are one of them.