kung fu moves · 09/07/2023

Emei Boxing Technique Combat Method – Arm-Mountain Backing

Low barrage

1. The two sides face each other (the one in black is A, the one in white is B), and the left arm is stretched forward, which is the formation of Emei Fist. It mainly uses its own strength to set up obstacles to the enemy and prepare for the next attack and defense (Figure 1).

Emei Boxing Technique Combat Method – Arm-Mountain Backing-illustration-
2. When Party B suddenly steps forward with his left foot and directly slams A in the face with his right fist, A quickly steps forward, steps into a horse, leans forward with his body, dodges the opponent’s attack downward, and at the same time clenches his left fist and flicks the opponent’s crotch hard (Figure 2).

Emei Boxing Technique Combat Method – Arm-Mountain Backing-illustration-1

It is a magic method of dodging the opponent’s upper attack, suddenly sinking and counterattacking the opponent’s middle to let the upper and lower one. The formation becomes low and the blocking action should be sudden, the speed should be fast, see the timing, and the force should be fierce, that is, when the opponent’s left foot steps up, my left foot to the opponent’s ankle joint collapse, can be used to block the opponent’s attack, due to the forward force inertia, the upper body forward backwards, my left hand can hold its left leg, right hand grasp the opponent’s left arm to fall.

Arm-mountain leaning

1. Party B hits me in the head with his left fist across his left foot, and I block the outward dial with his left fist arm (Figure 3).

Emei Boxing Technique Combat Method – Arm-Mountain Backing-illustration-2

2. In the connection style, A grabs B’s left wrist with his left hand and brings it back, while quickly striding the outside of the opponent’s left leg with his right foot, and smashing the opponent’s face with his right fist arm up and forward (Figure 4).

Emei Boxing Technique Combat Method – Arm-Mountain Backing-illustration-3

3. In the upper position, the body of the A squeezes against the opponent’s body, steps forward with the right foot, and at the same time twists the opponent’s neck with the right arm and presses down, which can knock the opponent down (Figure 5).

Emei Boxing Technique Combat Method – Arm-Mountain Backing-illustration-4

The left arm blocks, the right fist arm smashes down, the upward movement should be coordinated, and the movement should be as fast as the wind. Achieve “three big and one fierce”

Big arm, big split, big stride, jerk forward, right arm up, twist, roll, press to complete.