kung fu moves · 05/26/2023

Eighteen types of hand defense moves in Wing Chun Fist

Wing Chun Fist Manual: Big Flashing Side, Small Pitching, Small Flashing Side, Big Pitching, Keep in Mind the Judgment (Judgment refers to the eye technique, which is a prerequisite for defeating the enemy. Judgment has two meanings: for oneself, it means accumulating momentum, and for the opponent, it means taking advantage of the momentum.) On the second bridge, one must compete with the curtain. Be aware of movement and stillness, whether there is or not, and whether to advance or retreat.

One fist, one palm, one horse, one step, one step must be steady; (There are three stops for hitting, one at the shoulder socket, two at the elbow bend, and three at the palm and fingertips. It is necessary to practice “small ideas” frequently and persevere, in order to achieve natural results and release qi according to the will.) The waist and crotch should move, the bridge should not move, and the waist and crotch should not move.

Footwork – hook, needle, bounce, kick.

Footwork – inch, turn, lift, kill, step.

Eighteen types of hand defense moves in Wing Chun Fist-illustration-