kung fu moves · 06/08/2023

Eagle Claw Skill easy to crush cup wrist

Eagle claw Skill is a basic skill of eagle claw boxing, which is practiced by forming the shape of an “eagle’s claw” with the five fingers of the hand, that is, the five fingers are separated, and the fingers are slightly taut, like an eagle’s claw grasping an object (Figure 1).

Eagle Claw Skill easy to crush cup wrist-illustration-

1. Iron ox cultivated land

Lie prone and straight, stretch out the ten fingers of both hands and support the ground (touch the ground with fingertips, palm dangling), and stretch out both arms; Bring your feet straight and your knees together, and your feet on tiptoe to the ground. The body is suspended and the hips are lifted and the shoulders are removed (Figure 2).

Flex your arms and lower your chest down. Once you’re close to the ground, push forward and stand up. At the same time, drop your hips and stretch your hips, and when your body moves forward to the maximum, raise your head and support your arms and straighten your body. If it is a back lead, a descent, a forward move, a push, and a cycle exercise. 5-20 times per set (Figure 3).

Luck: Sink the dantian with intention. Luck to the fingertips, the outer support is tense.

Point: Straighten your chest and tummy, and buckle the ground with your fingertips. The body weight is loaded on ten fingers.

Eagle Claw Skill easy to crush cup wrist-illustration-1

Second, stand up with your legs

Stand upright with your legs straight and lean on the ground. Then clasp the ground with ten fingers of both hands, fingers straight (palm hanging), and when standing up, the straight arm supports upwards, so that the upper body and legs are suspended. Then do the up and down arm bending exercises. 5-10 times per set (Figure 4).

Points: Chest and abdomen, upper body slightly forward; Keep your legs straight, always horizontal, and clamp your hips and crotch. Ten fingers clasped to the ground, and the arms slowly straightened. If there is difficulty in supporting, others can help to lift the body.

Eagle Claw Skill easy to crush cup wrist-illustration-2

3. Single claw side brace

Lie on your side and straighten. Then put one hand on the ground, after the five fingers buckle the ground, the fingers are straight, the arms are flexed to extended, and the body is supported from the side of the body, so that the body and legs are always lying on their sides and dangling. The other hand is behind the body (Figure 5). Then the body does not change, the supporting arm is bent, and the five fingers remain unchanged, so that the body moves up and down (Figure 6).

Important: Keep your body straight and face the ground sideways. First, press the palm of one hand to support the ground, and after the body can be easily supported with one hand, replace the palm with a five-finger clasp to stand. At the same time, attention should be paid to the protection of wrists and fingers to avoid sprains.

Eagle Claw Skill easy to crush cup wrist-illustration-3

Fourth, insert sand

Place a basin in front of the body, containing black beans, soybeans, mung beans, etc., and after a certain finger force, replace it with river sand and iron sand, about 15-20 cm deep or deeper. Bend your legs into kneeling steps and lean forward. First out of the right eagle claw, insert it into the sand pile, grab it, grab it, and then put it next to your right ear. Then change the left eagle claw to grasp and grab the sand pile. 20-50 times per set (Figures 7, 8).

Point: Luck first, reach the finger, and then insert it. When inserting, it is fast and agile, and it is grabbed, grabbed, and buckled.

Eagle Claw Skill easy to crush cup wrist-illustration-4

Fifth, grab the altar jar

The upper body is straight, squatting in a horse step, stretching out one hand straight arm, level with the shoulder, and then grabbing the edge of an altar jar (the tank holds water), and then changing the other hand to grab the edge of the jar (Fig. 9, Fig. 10).

Luck: First guard the dantian, then luck in ten fingers, and grasp the buckle for a long time.

Important: Arms are held straight and flat, and ten fingers are clasped, which not only exercises the strength of the arms, but also exercises the power of grasping the buckle.

Eagle Claw Skill easy to crush cup wrist-illustration-5

6. Iron bead bag (grab sandbag).

Make a canvas bag containing 2-3 kg of river sand or iron beads and iron sand. Both parties A and B stand 2-3 meters apart, and the two throw bags at each other. One hand grabs the upper throw, the other hand becomes an eagle claw grab, and then flips the wrist and throws it at the opponent. Practice claw and arm strength in this cycle. 10-30 times per set (Figure 11).

Points: Pull out the strength, ten fingers stretched out and stretched out; When receiving the bag, ten fingers are in the shape of eagle claws, fingertips are buttoned inside, grabbed and taken, the buckle is not loose, and the strength reaches ten fingers. Then gradually add the weight of the beads and sand in the bag.

Eagle Claw Skill easy to crush cup wrist-illustration-6

7. Diao Tiezhu

Hold an iron bead in one hand (the weight is 1-2 kg first, then you can gradually increase the weight, add 0.5 kg each time), throw it straight upward, and when the iron ball falls to the head, the palm flips the back arm into an eagle claw shape, and after the flexed arm is slightly retracted, it is grasped forward to catch the iron ball (Fig. 12, Fig. 13).

On the chest, the claw of grabbing the ball is released, allowing the iron ball to fall naturally. Immediately, the legs turned into kneeling steps, the body quickly sank with the iron ball, and the claws and hands were retracted; With the other hand is an eagle’s claw, he grabs the iron ball down to his knees. 10-30 times per set (Figure 14).

Points: The two-claw grasp and the Diao buckle should follow the inertia of the iron ball falling, and the Diao grasp should be accurate and powerful.

Eagle Claw Skill easy to crush cup wrist-illustration-7