kung fu moves · 06/09/2023

Chinese Kung Fu Limb Platoon Fighting

There is a saying in traditional Chinese martial arts: “If you have not learned to fight, you must first learn to be beaten.” “When we say beating, we mean how to withstand the blow. Therefore, Pai Da Gong is a very important kung fu in Chinese martial arts sanda.

Pai Da exercises are divided into limbs, torsos and whole body.

Today, “Kung Fu Wushu Cool” will first share with you the practice method of platoon fighting exercises for the limbs.

First, by arm

Action essentials: Feet shoulder-width apart, legs slightly bent in front of a stake (or tree, metal pipe), hands loose and fists (Figure 1-1). Twist the waist to the left, lean forward and down on the inside of the right upper arm to hit the stake, and fold the arm back so that the right fist passes left up and the right arm leans on the outside of the right arm to hit the stake (Figures 1-2, Figs. 1-3).

Chinese Kung Fu Limb Platoon Fighting-illustration-
Then move up, twist the waist to the right, lean forward and down on the inside of the left upper arm to hit the stake, and turn the waist and fold the arm so that the left fist passes through the right side of the body and hits the wooden stake on the outside of the left arm (Figures 1-4, Figures 1-5).

Key points of exercise: When practicing, first hit lightly, wait for the arm muscles to adapt to withstand the blow, and then slowly increase the intensity of the blow. The fist clenches sharply when the hand touches the stake, and then loosens.? Be careful not to rub the stake longitudinally to avoid abrasion of the skin.

Chinese Kung Fu Limb Platoon Fighting-illustration-1

Second, knock your legs

Action essentials: Stand naturally upright, when stepping forward with the left foot, the right foot hooks the front of the ankle and the instep of the foot to slam the left heel, and the left foot is rubbed forward (Figure 2-1).

When the right foot steps forward, the left foot knocks the right foot again (Figure 2-2).

If you repeatedly stumble into it, you can hit the ankle backward bend one after another, and the lower end of the calf to the knee bend. Gradually increase the intensity.

Practice points: When striking, the leg is slammed, first lightly, and then hit hard after adaptation. Make the hit leg move farther and farther.

Chinese Kung Fu Limb Platoon Fighting-illustration-2

Third, knock on the leg bone

Action essentials: Use a small wooden hammer or rubber to hit the front tibia of the calf, the sides of the calf, the instep bone, the knee head, etc.

Practice points: Tap from light to heavy, gradually increase your tolerance.

Chinese Kung Fu Limb Platoon Fighting-illustration-3