kung fu moves · 06/09/2023

China Tongxing Escort Agenc secret killing stunt

In previous issues, I have introduced the housekeeper killing moves of the Escort Agency, such as Huiyou, Yongxing, Zhicheng, Yiyou, and Zhengxing, and today I will share with you the housekeeper killer moves of the Tongxing Escort Agency.

This is a sequel to the Zhengxing Escort Agency’s strange move fighting skills, one of the eight major Escort Agencys in Beijing during the Qianlong period.

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Share the secret killing tricks of the Tongxing Escort Agency for everyone.

1. Pressing the wrist rest boxing surface

The enemy takes a step forward with his left foot while hitting us in the face with his right fist; We step forward with our right foot and press the enemy’s left wrist with our right fist (Figure 1-1). Immediately after the upward movement, our left foot takes a step forward, and at the same time punches the enemy with our left fist, injuring the enemy (Figure 1-2).

China Tongxing Escort Agenc secret killing stunt-illustration-
Second, pick the wrist and fan the cheek

The enemy pushes us in the face with his right palm; We defuse the enemy’s right wrist with our right palm upwards to defuse their attack (Figure 2-1). Constantly moving upward, our left hand grabbed the enemy’s right wrist, and with our right palm freed to slap the enemy’s cheek, injuring the enemy (Figure 2-2).

China Tongxing Escort Agenc secret killing stunt-illustration-1
Third, press the abdomen with both palms

The enemy steps forward with his left foot while hitting us in the face with his left fist; We stand with our right foot in front of us while intercepting the enemy’s left forearm with both palms outward to the left to neutralize their attack (Figure 3-1). Next, press our right hand down on the enemy’s left wrist and extend our left arm forward from the back of the enemy’s neck (Figure 3-2). Constantly moving up, our left hand moved down and down against the enemy’s neck, while lifting the left knee forward and hitting the enemy’s abdomen, knocking the enemy (Figure 3-3).

China Tongxing Escort Agenc secret killing stunt-illustration-2
Fourth, swallow and swing and kick back

Our left foot supports the body while kicking the enemy’s left calf with our right leg; The enemy’s right leg supports the body, and the left leg is bent up to dodge our right leg (Figure 4-1). Constantly moving up, our right leg supports the body, the body rotates back, and the left leg swings back to kick the enemy’s back, injuring the enemy (Figure 4-2).

China Tongxing Escort Agenc secret killing stunt-illustration-3


The enemy steps forward with his right foot, while striking us in the chest first with his right fist; With the enemy’s right foot in front, at the same time put his right hand around the enemy’s right wrist and pat his elbow with his left hand (Figure 5-1). Immediately afterwards, our left hand pressed the enemy’s right arm, while the right fist struck the enemy’s right cheek from left to right, wounding the enemy (Figure 5-2).

China Tongxing Escort Agenc secret killing stunt-illustration-4
6. Kick the crotch and kick the jaw

We kicked the enemy’s crotch with our right leg (Figure 6-1). Immediately afterwards, our right leg fell and our toes touched the ground (Figure 6-2). When the enemy leans forward and lunges towards us, we quickly kick the enemy in the jaw with our right leg back and up, severely damaging the enemy (Figure 6-3).

China Tongxing Escort Agenc secret killing stunt-illustration-5