kung fu moves · 06/18/2023

Changquan first paragraph Graphic text

This article is equipped with wonderful animated GIF pictures, please read each picture, and then read the text carefully, you can fully experience the wonderful charm of each trick!

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Wushu sparring is also called martial arts sparring. Wushu sparring and dismantling moves help to further appreciate and understand the technical significance of each movement in various martial arts single training routines, so as to improve the level of sports technology.

This article is simple and practical, with both fitness and self-defense, video + GIF graphic teaching Changquan The first single training routine decomposition and combat dismantling. The single exercises of each move can be read by clicking this link.

Let’s use the form of video + GIF graphics to introduce the first stage of Changquan training and combat combat actual combat and dismantling moves.

First, the video of the sparring routine, omitted

Second, the explanation of GIF graphics and text

The person in red in the picture is Party A, and the person in blue is Party B. For the action essentials of each move, please click the above link to watch and read the article “Simple and practical, fitness and self-defense, video + GIF graphic teaching long boxing first single training routine”.

(1) Preparatory movements (both parties A and B give a fist salute, and Party B turns around right and back)

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(2) Rising posture (both sides A and B step together to hold their fists, lunge to see their fists)

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(3) A lunge punch, B horse step blocking

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(4) B lunge punching, armored horse step blocking

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(5) A lunge split palm, B lunge double palm

Changquan first paragraph Graphic text-illustration-5

(6) A holds a fist and kicks, and B hooks his knee

Changquan first paragraph Graphic text-illustration-6

(7) A double-peaked ears, B lunge flash

Changquan first paragraph Graphic text-illustration-7

(8) A virtual step protective palm, B virtual step protective palm

Changquan first paragraph Graphic text-illustration-8

(9) Closing the momentum (both sides of A and B split their palms in right lunges, holding fists side by side, and standing upright side by side)

Changquan first paragraph Graphic text-illustration-9

(10) End the action (Party B turns back to the right, and both parties A and B give a fist salute)

Changquan first paragraph Graphic text-illustration-10
3. Combat fighting actual combat dismantling GIF graphic explanation

(1) Horse step blocking

Party B lunges left and punches Party A’s chest; A retreats in the right direction, turns right, and dodges, and steps into a horse, while the left arm is bent and elbow is rotated outward, and the forearm is inwardly and horizontally framed with the right forearm of the arm.

Changquan first paragraph Graphic text-illustration-11

(2) Lunge splitting

Party B lunges left and punches Party A’s chest; Party A steps up to the left, while the left arm is flexed and elbow is rotated outward with the forearm outward to cross Party A’s right forearm; Immediately, Party A lunged right and struck Party B forward with his right arm.

Changquan first paragraph Graphic text-illustration-12
(3) Holding fists and kicking

Party B steps up to the left, and smashes Party A’s head forward with his right arm; Party A immediately retreats to the right step, forms a left lunge, and at the same time blocks Party B’s split palm with two palms; Immediately, Party A’s right leg bounced forward and kicked Party B’s crotch abdomen.

In practical application, Party A can quickly grab Party B’s right wrist and pull Party B’s right arm back after blocking Party B’s right palm with a double palm frame, which can prevent Party B from escaping, and can also control its right hand and weaken its defensive ability, while the combined force of pulling backwards and the force of bouncing and kicking forward can increase the effect of kicking.

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