kung fu power · 06/03/2023

Cervical spondylosis can be treated well

Cervical spondylosis is really annoying, dizziness, blurred vision, sore neck, tinnitus… A doctor who has been engaged in computers for a long time with cervical spondylosis invented a sentence gymnastics, this bullish sentence, and really cured his cervical spondylosis, and quickly followed the “Chinese Medicine Channel South” to recite this cow man’s sentence. Curing cervical spondylosis is as simple as that.

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Cure cervical spondylosis cattle man first sentence

◆You shoot one, I shoot one, until seventy-seven◆

That is, the right hand pats the left shoulder, the left hand pats the right shoulder, how far can it stretch, until 77 shots. This action, if it is a young person, is better to shoot from behind. It is also okay for the old man to shoot from the front. Do this and the blood circulates immediately.

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Cure cervical spondylosis cattle man second sentence

◆Take a deep breath, squat up, and go to the theater at 10:10

Deep breathing, one called chest breathing, the other called abdominal breathing. We usually breathe, each inhalation exhaled air 500 ml, a deep breath has 2500 ml ~ 3000 ml. This deep breath, there are 7~8 usual breaths at a time. More importantly, not only is the oxygen 7~8 times more, but also the diaphragm drops, the stomach, liver, spleen, intestines, etc. are gently massaged, improving gastrointestinal function, what gallstones are gone, but also protect internal organs.

Squatting up is to stand up and squat again, squat down and stand up again, to do enough 5~10 times, gradually do enough 15~20 times. When people squat and stand up, the sympathetic nerve and parasympathetic nerve are the best exercises. In the future, you will be fine when you suddenly stand up, dizziness, headache, and hair in the head.

What is going to the theater at 10:10? Arms stretched out to the sides of the body, parallel to the ground, similar to the position of the hour and minute hands at 9:15 hour and minute clocks; Then both arms are raised at the same time to the position of 10:10 and then fall back to the position of 9:15. Repeat this action 20~30 times in a row. The psoas, back, pectoral and neck muscles are all exercised.

What does it mean to “go to the theater”? When I was a child in the countryside, the walls were very low, and there was a play next door, and if you wanted to watch a play, you had to tiptoe up and stretch your neck. Hold this position for a few seconds, and then do it repeatedly, so that the shoulder, upper elbow, neck, and foot muscles can be exercised.

I heard that this doctor with cervical spondylosis has been doing it for a month, basically saying goodbye to cervical spondylosis, playing computer to do things neck is very comfortable, worthy of “cow people cure cervical spondylosis in a word” – friends, hurry up and practice!


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Look up at the moon: Man standing, feet and shoulders || Head down and explore the sea: cross your hands at the waist, and try your head to move forward|| Turn around and look at the heel: the head follows the body to the maximum || Swing your shoulders: Hands crossed at the waist, shoulders forward and facing the same width, hands behind your back, gaze straight ahead|| Stretch and slowly descend, stopping at the lowest point|| Turn left or right and look at your heels. Hands|| After turning. Fang, slowly raise your head, when you raise it to the maximum || Leave on for 3~5 seconds. || Swing in the direction of body rotation. Leave on for 3~5 seconds.

These movements can also be combined with exercises at ordinary times, which can relieve cervical spine diseases. Netizens, in order for your cervical spine not to be tired, hurry up and practice according to the method of the cow man, it will definitely be effective!