kung fu moves · 08/27/2023

Centipede Beating – specializes in finger kung fu

The practice of centipede beating exercise

Centipede Beating – specializes in finger kung fu-illustration-
Finger Gong is one of the basic methods of Chinese martial arts, and it is more closely related to grappling.

There are many kinds of finger exercises, and the following is the practice method of centipede beating for beginners.

Centipede Jumping: This is the practice of finger strength and jumping.

Start by touching your hands and feet to support your whole body, and the rest of the body is about three or four inches off the ground, and then raise the middle of your body up into a bowed back, like a lazy cat stretching out its waist.

Centipede Beating – specializes in finger kung fu-illustration-1
After reaching the extreme, both hands violently slammed to the ground, and at the same time, the tips of both feet violently pointed back, so that the whole body was completely volleyed, and the force of this point was used to rush forward and fall, and still touched the ground with the palms and toes of the hands when falling.

At first, you can’t go very far, maybe less than a foot, and over time, you can go a few feet away.

This kind of skill is easy to make taboos and easy to get injured, if you want to practice well, you can first practice the crouching tiger skill introduced in the previous issue, and then practice this exercise after a considerable extent.

This kind of kung fu is also practiced with the palm first, then with the fist, with three fingers and one foot to touch the ground.

If you touch the ground with one foot, you can not only jump, but also move in and out at will, and the kung fu will be practiced. At this time, not only the fingers can control people, but also the power of the toes, and jumping is enough to help avoid opponents.

Note: The various finger training methods introduced in the above several issues are aimed at practicing the strength of the three fingers. In the exercise, you can choose one or use it at the same time, there is no order of these, one practice, the other kung fu will be completed.