kung fu power · 01/27/2023

Bruce Lee’s technique of punching power

The inch-fist power hand shape is the most important technical link to learn Bruce Lee’s inch-fist power-making technique. In the Wing Chun “Japanese Punch” technique, before the punch is struck, the fist is relaxed, the wrist collapses slightly downward, and at the moment when the fist rushes out to contact the target, the hand bowl suddenly turns up and clenches the fist at the same time, and hits the target head-on with the lower end of the fist, so that you can hit the target head-on with the lower end of the fist (pictured).

Bruce Lee’s technique of punching power-illustration-

“To increase the force generated by the spiral movement”, which focuses on the lower three knuckles of the Japanese character fist (pictured).In Bruce Lee’s inch fist power technique, this wrist method is also best used, and it is the final and decisive link in the acceleration of inch lift. (as shown)

Bruce Lee’s technique of punching power-illustration-1

From the physiological structure of the wrist joint, it includes two parts of the wrist joint and the wrist bone joint, is the most flexible joint of the human body, can make the hand flexion and extension, adduction and external rotation and wrapping action, so traditional Chinese martial arts regard the bowl joint as the “festival of seizing the door”. In basic boxing sets such as Wing Chun Finger Mark, Bridge Seeking, Little Thought, etc.

The focus is on the technique, and the focus of the technique is on the wrist, in terms of power, traditional martial arts pay attention to short strength (inch, cold bounce, shaking, etc.), at the moment when the distance is close or the action ends, “shake suddenly, attack inside”, its strength is like whipping the end of the cold and crisp. A touch of fire, a shake and a receiving, unexpected, stained clothes, this “burning and shaking” contains the wrist joint shaking twisting tension momentary application. Its role in punching is mainly to increase the overall acceleration at the moment of the shot, achieve spiral power, and burst the maximum killing penetration.

Bruce Lee’s technique of punching power-illustration-2

Grandmaster Bruce Lee pointed out: “The human body reacts like a whip and a compression spring. It is an extremely impressive phenomenon to use as an attack system,” and “the elastic force of the wrist is the acceleration force of the moment before the final strike action hits the target”, and at the same time requires the condensation of the inch-fist at the moment of contact, the principle is to maintain the maximum acceleration at the last instant.

The power of the inch-punch that effectively attacks the target and the principle of the midline is a kind of ingenuity, and unlike the brute force punch, the inch-punch must hit a special part of the opponent in order to exert great power.

In Bruce Lee’s Inch Fist, we mainly select the opponent’s upper body midline to be allowed to be the target of attack, the human center, the lower jaw, the middle point, the solar plexus, the floating rib, etc.

Jeet Kune Do has the basic fighting principle of “defensive in the middle” that focuses on the central breakthrough, attack and defense to grab the middle line, and requires (jKd) players to fight in the towel. The reason for defending the middle line of your body from top to bottom while attacking the opponent’s middle line is that “this is not only because several important parts of the person are on this line, but also because the center of gravity of the person is also on the middle line.” If any of these vital parts are effectively attacked, there is a risk of injury, disability or even death. If the center of gravity is attacked, when the center of gravity shifts too much, the center of gravity will be unstable and fall over, losing combat effectiveness”, and at the same time, “it can also create a favorable situation that makes the opponent timid and difficult to avoid.”

It is obviously much more advantageous to make yourself an active attacker than to attack its left and right sides (Bruce Lee)”, so it is self-evident that an inch from the center line attacks the opponent’s center line target. In addition, Grandmaster Bruce Lee believes that when attacking the opponent’s body in practical applications. If the opponent’s clothing is thicker, it will buffer the attack power of the inch fist, so Grandmaster Bruce Lee chooses the opponent’s head as the main target.

A punch on the head is ideally aimed at the middle and jaw area, as it is easier to knock down and injure the opponent than hitting the denomination. Usually, when the jaw is hit with a strong inch, the force creates a vigorous rebound effect between the medulla oblongata and occipital bone of the opponent’s head.

The double impact force of this effect can shake the medulla oblongata, temporarily losing the function of the opponent’s central nervous system, resulting in a knockdown, and a blow without leaving a hand will cause serious consequences. Therefore, we emphasize again: do not try your punches with people easily!