kung fu power · 01/27/2023

Bruce Lee’s inch fist warm-up exercise

“Warming up is a necessary process for the body’s tissues to adapt to the situation and produce sharp physiological changes before intense physical exercise (Bruce Lee).”

“Warming up reduces the resistance of muscles to the required movements. Warming up increases the performance ability of the action. Stealth from the harm that may be caused by intense activity (Bruce Lee)”.

Therefore, warming up is an indispensable precursor to your mental and physical preparation before training, and it is an indispensable exercise to improve training efficiency. Practice for 5 minutes per lesson until you sweat slightly (extended time on cold days)

Jump rope (jogging or gaming)

Bruce Lee’s inch fist warm-up exercise-illustration-

Function: Skipping rope is a very good exercise for enhancing your hand and foot coordination, balance, rhythm and sensitivity, as well as improving cardiovascular system function and improving endurance.

Practice method: 1X3 sets each time (i.e. 1 jump for 1 minute is 1 set, a total of 3 sets)

Serial boxing air training

Role: This practice is a special practice method of traditional Chinese Wing Chun Japanese Straight Punching Technique and “Inch Strength” power.

“Inch” is an advanced method of Wing Chun to exert power against enemies at a distance between inches, and is generally obtained through “small thoughts”, “Pulling the Void” (i.e. serial boxing exercises) and hitting sandbags, wall targets and other exercises.

Beginners can use this practice to master the Wing Chun Japanese Character Serial Intensive Midline Attack Technique, initially understand the basic technical structure of Inch Fist Force, and practice regularly, which is very helpful for mastering the “Inch Force” power and improving the Inch Fist skill.

Practice method (1) Open horse (two-character citrus horse)

Exercise method: First open the horse – relax the whole body, start in a straight position (Figure 27-1), bend the knees (knees facing outward), and turn the toes outward 90 degrees. Bend your fists to chest height (Figure 27-2). Without stopping, turn your heels 45 degrees outward, bend your knees inward, and keep your center of gravity back, that is, you will form a two-character sheep and horse (Figure 27-3).

Bruce Lee’s inch fist warm-up exercise-illustration-1

After opening the horse, take the nose (midline) as the star, and assume the “wayfinder” pose in front of the left hand and behind the right hand (Figure 28-1).

Then, loosen the fist with the right hand, exert force with the elbow, and rush straight out along the midline through the upper part of the left wrist until the full arm is straightened, while the left elbow is gently sinking, so that the right fist can be smoothly punched and retracted to the midline fossa (Figs. 28-2, 3).

Bruce Lee’s inch fist warm-up exercise-illustration-2

Keep moving, clenching your left fist lightly and as quickly as if you were a right fist until your arms are straight (your elbows should not be bent), while your right fist gently sinks back into place on the centerline.

Such a two-fist consecutive impact exercise. Practice for two minutes at a time

Bruce Lee’s inch fist warm-up exercise-illustration-3


Technical points

When practicing, you can first choose a target with shoulder height (such as marking a small mark on the wall) and then use it without touching the punching exercise.

Important: During the whole process of punching, both hands and even the whole body need to be properly relaxed and not tense to ensure smooth coordination of the punch. The power is uniform.

When punching. You should concentrate on the target, use the force of the elbow, and strike the fist briskly and quickly until the arm is fully extended (the elbow must not be bent in the slightest), and at the same time: the shoulder should not be extended forward with the arm, but on the contrary, at the moment of each punch, the shoulder on the same side should be slightly jerked back at the same time to create a strong and short shock fight. The truth is that the leather whip is pulled out by shaking the hand, and the wrist is suddenly twitched back to make the force crisp and consistent. This is one of the special “inch strength” power exercises of Wing Chun Zhichong Fist. Please practice repeatedly. Experience it.

When punching, the principle of “defending” (as shown in Figure 29) should be followed (Figure 29) that is, for each punch, the elbow should be close to the center line to exert force with the elbow, and the fist should be punched out straight out, so that because the hands are always kept on the center line, and each punch is punched from the other wrist, so that the hands are constantly kept “closed”.

Bruce Lee’s inch fist warm-up exercise-illustration-4

At the beginning of the exercise, you should slow down and focus on smooth coordination, so that you can experience the correct technique, and only after proficiency can you gradually speed up the punching moves. And increase the number of punches on a daily basis.