kung fu power · 01/27/2023

Bruce Lee Punch lessons and preschool preparation

The three stages and timing of the inch-fist cultivation

This tutorial divides Bruce Lee’s inch-fist practice into three stages for two months. (Scholars can also flexibly extend the practice time according to their own physical condition and training progress, and strengthen the relevant content of the exercise.) )

Stage 1: Focus on the development of basic physical qualities and psychological traits (thought/breath control). The schedule is three weeks. The training content of this stage will be carried out throughout the training process.

The second stage: mainly based on the preparatory posture of the inch fist and the cooperative practice of all parts of the body, the time arrangement is two weeks. This stage is also included in the third stage of supplementary exercises.

Phase 3: The schedule is three weeks. Focus on practicing and mastering the striking techniques and application techniques of inch boxing, including the performance of inch boxing techniques.

Training schedule and instructions for the inch-fist stage

This tutorial is structured with two months (three phases of eight days) of training, six days a week. Every 45 minutes^60 minutes of training, the exercise load is not intense, so anyone can practice calmly. As long as you stick to this schedule step by step, practice carefully, you will succeed!

Due to the different personal circumstances of each scholar, this schedule is more flexible, and students can make use of it according to their own specific conditions and study progress, but they should pay attention to the basic training methods and order of inches and boxing cannot be changed with the healing.

Wrist roller

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A simple tool for strength training of the forearm.

At present, it is rare to see a dedicated wrist curling device in the domestic market. You can make your own: find a round wooden handle about 40cm long. A rope with a weight of 4-4.5kg (such as a barbell piece, dumbbell or brick) hanging from the lower end is tied in the middle of the handle. The length of the rope should be about 6cm above the ground when you are standing, holding the handle flat in both hands, and lifting the heavy object from the ground.

Grip strength

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This type of training equipment is generally available in sports stores. In this training session, the spring grip strength exerciser is the best. Because it is easy to grip and train. If not, you can replace it with a rubber grip strength device of 30kg or more (depending on your grip strength).


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Prepare an alarm clock or a watch for training timekeeping.

jump rope

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The length of the jump rope should be that the umbilicus is high to the ground and the rope is straightened with the feet. It is best to have a handle jump rope.

Strength Balancing Trainer

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This device was invented by Grandmaster Bruce Lee and is designed for static muscle balance training.

It consists of a mounting platform, four balance steel frames (about 1.80-1.90 meters high, depending on the height of the practitioner) with scales and drilled holes, and an iron rod (or iron pipe) with a diameter of about 2.5cm and a length of about 1.5 meters, as well as some small devices that can be removed and fixed with sub-bars, and the iron rods can be freely raised or lowered as needed. Do various static muscle strength training. In this lesson, only static exercises on the arms and shoulders and back are performed.

If you are unable to make the device, you can prepare a wooden stick with a diameter of about 3-4cm and a length of about 1.5 meters, and fix it between two sets of furniture or at both ends of the door or between two bare trees. The key is to use your brain and be more creative.

Heavy-duty sandbags

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It is used for technical breakdown training and inch punch technique training.

40kg long cylindrical sandbag. Leather sandbags are preferred, canvas or homemade sandbags, which require that the sandbags must be solid and flat, surface and smooth. This helps to feel the right force. Develop self-confidence while avoiding injury,

It is good to fill the sandbag with fine sand and wool mixture, and the hanging height should be at the bottom of the sandbag at the level of your hips.


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Used for the third stage of the inch-punch exercise.

Choose a round empty coffee can about 15cm high, 14cm in diameter and weighing about 3 pounds (you can also use a similar volume of tin cans or plastic cans instead), fill it with weak sand, cover it tightly (sealed), then wrap a layer of cushion paper around the can, and wrap a thin layer of brand fabric such as a towel on the paper. (This can be used to protect the hands.) At the same time, it can also reduce the energy loss during training),

The weight of the whole sand tank should be 10kg-12.5kg. (You can also hate to increase a certain weight according to your own power level, but you should not blindly seek weight)

Square wall target

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This is a square training target used in Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do mainly for hanging on the wall or placing it on the floor for training in Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do.

The target is made of canvas and can be filled with fine sand or dried beans.

During the training, participants can also use mille-feuille paper (a stack of old newspapers or a thick book) to be fixed to the wall as an alternative practice tool.