kung fu moves · 05/31/2023

Bruce Lee nunchuck-stranding

Action Help:

Hold the outer ends of the green and white sticks with both hands, and twist the neck and wrists of the other party with the stick chain (Figure 83).

Bruce Lee nunchuck-stranding-illustration-

Help to use:

1. You can use this move directly from the stick holding position.

2. Twisting is a melee attack technique, and in actual combat, the best offensive and defensive distance of the two-section stick is the middle range (see page 105), so the chance of using the twist is very small. It is usually used in the final stage of the battle to subdue the enemy or sneak up on the enemy from behind in the final stage of the battle.

3. Once the opponent’s neck is strangled, it is very easy to control the enemy to death, so do not easily use this trick in actual combat, and do not violate the criminal law by excessive defense.

Bruce Lee on the “self”:

This is a time of great change, a time of passion, we can never adapt to something new, but we must prove our worth and affirm our existence, all the time.